Pre-order Good Cheap Eats— and get a FREE wine pairing ebooklet by yours, truly


So often people think that wine is for snobs or only for special occasions and fine meals. As you might guess, I disagree. To me, that is almost like saying food is only for special occasions. Wine is an agricultural product that can truly enhance the flavor of just about any meal, and paired well, any […]

Fitness Friday: 1 Week report


Happy Friday, friends. As determined by my new trainer, Fridays and Sundays are rest days for me, so no exercising today. Instead I got to sleep in an extra hour and a half and my body got to recover. Cha-CHING! After exercising nearly every day over the past week, I cannot say that I look any […]

Daily Devotion: SOAP (Diligence) and holding your tongue


Wow! How did it get to be Thursday already? This morning I was up and out at 5 a.m to do my second round of weight training. I’m so thankful for that time! I’m also thankful for the habit I brought back last month of daily time in the Word. Here’s what grabbed me today…

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