Memories to Share: Memory #16- Meeting your Spouse


I certainly didn’t meet my husband the way I thought that I would… he was siting in a table in my station where I was waiting tables, yet someone else had already picked up the table by the time I got to work. And still, we found a way to connect. And even though I refused to give him my phone number when he first asked, (I felt it was way too soon in our conversation!) by the end of […]

#B90Days: 7 days down, only 83 to go!

B90Days week 2

So, how did your first week as a Bible in 90 Days reader go? It’s a pretty fast-paced ride, isn’t it? I hope that you found all of the time you needed to get the reading done each day. For some people, they set daily reading goals and others set weekly reading goals. Whichever format you use, I hope you are enjoying the immersion and are up to date.

Memories to Share: Memory #15


This week’s prompt might, on the surface, seem a little strange. But I had a reason for including it. I think the memories that will come forward from this will have a lot more to do with just something to keep out the cold. Week 15′s prompt is: Tell about a favorite or memorable winter coat, scarf, or hat.

Help bring water to those in Burkina Faso who need it!


My blogger friend Amy of, is celebrating her blog’s 10th anniversary by organizing some BIG, life-giving gifts for those in Burkina Faso. Her goal was to raise $4,000 to have 2 wells built there so the communities could receive fresh, clean water. She just sent me a note on Facebook telling me that, with the help of many, many generous people,  the goal was just met. Yipeee! But the story doesn’t end there.

Who are your #B90Days accountability partners?


Reading the Bible in 90 Days is quite a commitment. One secret to many readers’ success is accountability– that’s actually a big part of the official program. In the past, those who have read with me on MomsToolbox have been placed in accountability groups with mentors. This session I’ve asked everyone to find 2 partners to hold each other accountable, making groups of three, instead. I find that when there are just two, it’s easier to let someone off the […]

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