Who are your #B90Days accountability partners?


Reading the Bible in 90 Days is quite a commitment. One secret to many readers’ success is accountability– that’s actually a big part of the official program. In the past, those who have read with me on MomsToolbox have been placed in accountability groups with mentors. This session I’ve asked everyone to find 2 partners to hold each other accountable, making groups of three, instead. I find that when there are just two, it’s easier to let someone off the […]

Today we begin reading the entire Bible– in just 90 Days!


Today I started reading the entire Bible in 90 Days and I’m thrilled to have so many of you reading alongside me from your own homes, offices, hotel rooms, carpool lines, and many other locations. I am thrilled that you decided to  join in and cannot wait to hear how this changes your life, your perspective and whatever else it changes. It’s going to be amazing! A few things to keep in mind this week as we jump in..

What time will you read tomorrow?


Are you planning to read the Bible in 90 Days with me starting tomorrow? I am so excited to listen and hear what God has in store for me during this read-through and I’m excited for each of you reading with me, too. Y’all, this is going to be AMAZING. (Yes, it will also be amazingly challenging– but so so worth it!!) Sure, you’ve downloaded and printed the B90Days bookmark so you know WHAT to read, but do you know […]

Getting ready to read the Bible in 90 days. :)


I’m getting more and more excited to read the Bible in 90 days starting this Wednesday, what about you? If you are reading with me, here are a few things you can do to get ready: Pick out your Bible to use for the read through. I’ll be using my Bible in 90 Days Bible. I strongly suggest that or another NIV thinline with nice large type and minimal footnotes to distract you. You’ll want to focus on the reading, […]

Memories to Share: Memory #14


I have one brother. He’s four years older than I am and being his sister has always been an adventure! Of course we bickered as kids at times, but I’ve always loved him. I remember wishing as a child that we both had secret passageways from our closets so that when we got sent to our rooms we could ‘escape’ and hang out together outside without my parents knowing we had made our way out of our rooms. I remember […]

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