Do you observe Lent? How?


Growing up, my family never observed Lent. But, then again, we were mostly an Easter- and Christmas-only church-attending family, so we didn’t really observe many religious traditions or rituals. In junior high I started attending a Baptist church with a friend on Wednesday evenings and sometimes Sundays, but I don’t remember Lent being mentioned. It’s […]

My Positive Playlist– What’s on yours?

A friend of mine just asked his friends on Facebook to list some of their favorite super optimistic songs so he could create a playlist. He tagged me in the post specifically, so he must think I’ve already got one. And he is right. I started a playlist of positive, uplifting songs a few years ago while […]

Knee Surgery and MS 150

In my last post I shared that it looked as though I needed knee surgery to take care of a tear in my meniscus. My knee had been hurting for quite awhile and finally I made the connection that it had begun hurting after I fell in the MS 150 bike ride from Houston to […]

Honey, I’m good

This morning I heard Andy Grammer’s song, “Honey I’m Good” on Sirius XM and couldn’t help but smile. A song on mainstream radio that is totally catchy and talks about staying true to the one you love? Wait. What? Oh yes!! “Oh, baby. No, baby. You got me all wrong baby.  My baby’s already got all […]

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