Daily Advent Activities for Moms: December 15

Be a secret Santa and get your kids in on the act. Give someone a simple gift and don’t take credit. You could leave baked goods, candy or a sweet anonymous note on a neighbor’s doorstep. Anyone else have any ideas for sneaky gifts? Share your ideas in the comments of this post.

Daily Advent Activities for Moms: December 13

Get ready for Christmas part 3: Make some spiced cider, enjoy it with your kids and ask them what they would like to do over the school break. Make a point to do at least one realistic request. If you don’t have kids, think about yourself— What is something different you might like to do […]

Hard boiled eggs– with easy-to-peel shells

Hard bolied eggs

Although it is Christmastime and I am surrounded by delicious, fatty foods, I am also trying extra hard to watch what I eat and shoot for healthier choices. I’ve come to appreciate hard-boiled eggs for their ease and their nutritional value. Peeling them, though, had been a major downer for me until recently, when I […]

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