Napa put a speed bump in my weight loss journey

After my amazing weight loss victory from last week, I continued to lose another pound… until I boarded the plane for California last Thursday for an amazing long weekend in the wine country. Sure, I could have waited until after the trip to start back at Weight Watchers, but then I’d probably be in more […]

Popsicles for breakfast

This morning, for just a few minutes, I got to be the coolest mom ever. Yesterday I deviated a bit from my meal plan and made smoothies for breakfast using bananas, frozen mixed berries, plain yogurt, a handful of oatmeal and a splash of milk. As yummy as they were, there was still some left […]

PJ Pancake Breakfast Bash

While trying to figure out how to celebrate our soon-to-be two-year-old’s birthday in an already action-packed day, my husband came up with the idea of inviting the girls in our neighborhood (instead of the usual long list of all our friends) over for a breakfast celebration. It wasn’t long after that I saw a flower-shaped […]

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