Day 20: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Christmas vacation has begun for the kiddos! Let’s have a party at home. Here’s your assignment for Day 20: Have a hot chocolate and game night tonight… heat up a few cups, add marshmallows and stir with a candy cane. Here’s a crockpot recipe if you’re inviting more than a few… Give your games a Christmas […]

Day 19: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Wow! Christmas is almost here! Today is my kiddos’ last day of school until 2009. Here’s your assignment for Day 19: Pray for your children’s teachers and school administration. (If that is you, then pray for your teaching and your role as your child’s teacher.)   Enjoy…  See you tomorrow.

NPR’s Holiday Reading List

Since I now so often have little ears in the car with me, I don’t get to listen to NPR in the mornings or evenings as I did in my pre-mom days. Tonight my husband came home and asked me to listen to a beautiful story that aired today on NPR about a family who sets […]

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