Day 20: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Christmas vacation has begun for the kiddos! Let’s have a party at home. Here’s your assignment for Day 20: Have a hot chocolate and game night tonight… heat up a few cups, add marshmallows and stir with a candy cane. Here’s a crockpot recipe if you’re inviting more than a few… Give your games a Christmas twist: Christmas Pictionary, Scrabble with only Christmas words, charades, or yelling “Happy Birthday Jesus” instead of Uno… You get the idea, I’m sure.   Enjoy…  […]

Day 19: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Wow! Christmas is almost here! Today is my kiddos’ last day of school until 2009. Here’s your assignment for Day 19: Pray for your children’s teachers and school administration. (If that is you, then pray for your teaching and your role as your child’s teacher.)   Enjoy…  See you tomorrow.

Day 18: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Wow! We are one week away! Here’s your assignment for Day 18: Pray for a person with whom you have a strained relationship.   Hope you find this prayer time enlightening…  See you tomorrow.

Day 17: Mom’s Toolbox Advent Calendar

Hope you’ve been enjoying this season of advent. Here’s your assignment for Day 17: Get ready for Christmas part 3: Ask your kids what they would like to do over the school break. Make a point to do at least one realistic request.   Enjoy planning some fun…  See you tomorrow.

NPR’s Holiday Reading List

Since I now so often have little ears in the car with me, I don’t get to listen to NPR in the mornings or evenings as I did in my pre-mom days. Tonight my husband came home and asked me to listen to a beautiful story that aired today on NPR about a family who sets aside all their holiday and winter books to be pulled out and read only after Thanksgiving. I’ve tried to something similar with my family over […]

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