Two castle cakes: One Lego, one for princesses…

I just finished making these cakes for our school dinner auction tonight and I just had to share: No toys were stolen from my children for these projects… I promise. Although my son was puzzled when he saw the pieces I borrowed from his stash to make the dots sitting in the sink covered in […]

Finding a blogging balance (some link love)

My sister in law is an amazing woman. I am so thankful that my brother and she were married 16 years ago. And I am thankful that they stuck it out when things got tough. But I am digressing already… The reason I mention her today is that she just posted an excellent piece on […]

Any book organizing advice out there?

Not too long ago I did some serious de-cluttering in my son’s room. It resulted in his room looking fantastic, but my central bookshelves becoming quite a big mess. I have books on all sorts of levels and kids of three different ages. So here’s my question for all you organizing reading types: What’s the […]

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