A Unique Experience, Thanks to Snooth


Blogging has brought many adventures to my life I never expected, and even a few once-in-a-lifetime-type things. This is actually my fourth blog to launch, and each blog has had its moments for inspiration and unique experiences. Some of those experiences, though, are more amazing than the others. Cinderella’s Castle In 2010, I was at […]

Thoughts on aging, hearing and sweet moments


This weekend I flew on a last-minute trip to Ohio to visit my 98-year-old great aunt. She is a few weeks from turning 99, but I’m not confident she will make it to 99. Auntie’s health is fading. And that was the reason for my trip. Sunday, as I sat in the hospital room listening […]

Heading to a retreat….

Heading to a retreat

This weekend I’m heading to a ladies retreat with the women from the church where my kids go to school. I am really looking forward to spending time with these women and I am looking forward to what God has in store for me… and for each of us. What especially amazes me is that […]

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