I saw God today…4/20/14


Today I saw Him. I saw Him in remembering the empty tomb. Even though I am still trying to fully understand and accept his gift in forgiving me, I still see Him there. And am amazed. I saw Him in the gift of a church family that’s been right in front of me for nearly […]

What I’ve really been up to…


Hi friends. I’ve missed you. I was so touched when several of you read Philippians with me, even though it had been quite awhile since we did any devotionals together. I’ve missed blogging regularly here, but it just has been too much for me to keep up with lately, as much as I hated and […]

A Unique Experience, Thanks to Snooth


Blogging has brought many adventures to my life I never expected, and even a few once-in-a-lifetime-type things. This is actually my fourth blog to launch, and each blog has had its moments for inspiration and unique experiences. Some of those experiences, though, are more amazing than the others. Cinderella’s Castle In 2010, I was at […]

Thanks for making me a finalist in the Foods From Chile contest!

Foods From Chile Blogger Contest

Guess what? Your votes made me a finalist in the Foods From Chile Next Top Blogger Contest, which means I’m one step closer to an amazing culinary adventure in Chile, thanks to you and your influence on my behalf! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yesterday I shot a video explaining why I think the judges should […]

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