Thanks for making me a finalist in the Foods From Chile contest!

Foods From Chile Blogger Contest

Guess what? Your votes made me a finalist in the Foods From Chile Next Top Blogger Contest, which means I’m one step closer to an amazing culinary adventure in Chile, thanks to you and your influence on my behalf! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yesterday I shot a video explaining why I think the judges should pick me, as each of the other 9 finalists did, as well. The judges will take a look at that and my entry post and […]

Becoming a working mom: Am I the only one feeling the tinges of guilt while I juggle?


This summer I began to feel the tinges of being a working mom. And it was really hard for me to reconcile. But, then again, quitting my job to become a mom, and then being that mom was hard for me, too. Let me back up. But just a bit. We aren’t going back to all of the adjusting to being a mom  stuff in the first place. But I will say that before I was a mom I LOVED […]

Thoughts on aging, hearing and sweet moments


This weekend I flew on a last-minute trip to Ohio to visit my 98-year-old great aunt. She is a few weeks from turning 99, but I’m not confident she will make it to 99. Auntie’s health is fading. And that was the reason for my trip. Sunday, as I sat in the hospital room listening to the conversation, and the yelling that had to happen so she could hear us, I couldn’t help but wonder what stories she could share. […]

Heading to a retreat….

Heading to a retreat

This weekend I’m heading to a ladies retreat with the women from the church where my kids go to school. I am really looking forward to spending time with these women and I am looking forward to what God has in store for me… and for each of us. What especially amazes me is that as we are driving up, each of us in the car has shared her own apprehension about coming this weekend. I seldom have any apprehension […]

Apologies and the like


This post, or a form of it, has been in my head for a long, long time. Life has just been full, hectic… a bit overwhelming… but still very, very good and filled with blessings. I am so sorry to have not been posting much since, well, the year began. 2012 started with a health scare and surgery in January, then the launch of my first ebook in February (Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less… It’s over on my wine site) […]

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