A super-fun trip down memory lane for our next Real (Experienced) Mom (and for us, too!)

This week, one of my friend’s moms shares her stories about rearing her two children. It sounds as though their lives together have been filled with great adventures and lots of love. And I love how Bonnie continues the adventures with her grandchildren… read on and take notes for some super fun ideas! Real (Experienced) Moms Interview with Bonnie What are the approximate ages of your children now? Lara is 41     Pete is 40 Do you have grandchildren? I have […]

“Take time with your husband…” Our next Real (Experienced) Mom shares

I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying the Real (Experienced) Moms series Thursdays right here on MomsToolbox. Although I have known all the moms quite well (so far) I have still gained new perspective from what they have shared. This week, my mother-in-law, for whom I am quite thankful,  shares a few of her experiences as a Real (Experienced) Mom. To be quite honest, I hope this inspires you to ask some of these questions of your […]

“We ate ice cream… while watching Ed Sullivan…” Our next Real (Experienced) Mom

Last week we heard from Real (Experienced) Mom, Cindy who also happens to be MY mom. And I am so proud and of her honesty in answering my questions… especially when she confessed to reading my journal in junior high! Next up is her mom, my grandmother, Phyllis, and her experiences in rearing my mom, aunt and uncle. And I appreciate her honesty in sharing, as well. I hope you also enjoy her interview and can take something from it […]

“I read part of my daughter’s journal…” Real (Experienced) Mom tells all!

I think there is a lot of wisdom to be learned from the moms who have mothered before us, yet all too often we do not tap into their stories and experience. To spark conversation through the generations, and learn a few things myself, today I am launching Real (Experienced) Moms on MomsToolbox.com. Each Thursday I will feature a new mom who has a child or children over the age of 20 years and her answers to about 15-20 questions […]

Seeking Real (Experienced) Moms… and your questions for them

I don’t know about you, but I found the transition  into motherhood to be a bit more challenging than I had expected it to be and wished I had a mentor mom nearby to help me as I grew into becoming a mom. And still, even as my children grow, I love to hear stories from moms who have been there so that I can learn from their experience. I think much of the wisdom from the moms who came […]

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