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Get a higher score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin ride at Walt Disney World

Wanna know how to outscore your kids by hundreds of thousands onĀ  Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin [2] at Walt Disney World?

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Briana [4]and Toni [5]with Steve, the wonder guide at DisneyWorld.

Or do you want to share some secrets with your kids so they can score more than 500,000 points before even leaving the very first room?

Sure, just riding and shooting here and there is nice, but this is the perfect ride/ game combination to let that competitive side out, get a little crazy and destroy the Emperor Zurg.

On my last trip to Walt Disney World, my friend Andrea [6]won a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite [7] and I was lucky enough to join her, along with 4 other moms. In addition to the castle experience, Steve of Guest Services also escorted us through the Magic Kingdom, acting as our human Fast Pass and teller of all Disney tales. He was amazing.

On the Buzz Lightyear ride, we all tried our best at earning points, but Steve flipped both of the machines in his car on the ride, which means he scored more than 1 million points with each of his two blasters!! We were blown away and asked him to share a few of his secrets with us.

His first tip was a finger saver: You don’t have to keep pressing your finger and releasing it to make the weapon shoot. Just hold the button down and you will have a stream of ammunition.

Second tip: You can shoot targets more than once and still earn points. So look for the big point-earners and hit them several times.

Here are a few of the top-point scoring targets to shoot for:

First room:

The big orange robot on the left side. Shoot for the target inside of his left hand.

Then hit the claw before you leave to earn 100,000 points.

If you hit both several times, Steve said you should earn 500,000-600,000 points before leaving that first room!!

In the second room:

Look for the volcano. The target there is worth 50,000 points.

Next, find then monster in a box. That target is worth 50,000 points.

In the third room:

The target on the bottom of Zurg’s ship is worth 100,000 points

In the last scene, where Zurg is animated, there is a target near his head worth 75,000.

Michael, who was our guide on our second day, pointed out that by turning your car around and shooting from the reverse angles, you can get better aim at each of those targets, so get moving!

Whether you want to share these tips with your kids is up to you. But following these tips, someone is going to earn a LOT of points and have a blast!

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