Let Weight Watching Wednesdays commence!

Today I got back on track. I swam laps at the Y for 30 minutes and then went to a Weight Watchers meeting. And I was pleasantly surprised that I had only gained 1/2 pound in the 4 weeks I was away. Of course I would have preferred to have lost, but that brings me to why I write this post… About 7 weeks ago I decided that enough was enough and the scale had crept a little (lot) higher than […]

Why lose weight?

Today at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting our leader asked us why we are investing in our health. Why do we want to lose weight? She pointed out that joining WW costs money and is quite a lifestyle commitment. Then she asked why we are doing it. One woman who had lost 90 pounds said that although she is paying membership fees, she is not paying nearly as much for her prescriptions as she used to… she doesn’t need them anymore. […]

Temptation side-stepped on the WW front

Today has been a bit challenging on the Weight Watcher front.. but I will overcome! I ended up doing more things out of the house than I had originally planned and it sure was tempting to pick up lunch while running from place to place. I was glad I thought to carry along an apple so I didn’t cave in. And when I did return home, I was really thankful to have low-point leftovers in the ‘fridge from Tuesday night’s dinner so I […]

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