Bible in 90 Days with MomsToolbox

Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible? I’d like to help you do just that…

Just over 10 years ago I read through the Bible, cover to cover, in 90 days… Yes, the whole thing.

And I would not have done it, had it not been for Ted Cooper and his Bible in 90 Days ministry.

The experience changed me. It enabled me to finally understand the relationship with Christ I had been growing over the years. I felt like I was finally hearing Him clearly and finally I felt that He must be hearing me, too.

Reading the entire Bible 90 days also helped me to complete a goal I had for many years, and it enabled me to get an excellent overall perspective of the Word and see just how beautifully every piece fit together

Many questions I had were answered… and those questions that weren’t, lost their importance.

I am convinced that reading it in a group of accountability partners helped me to keep going when life seemed to get in the way.

I am so thankful for Ted Cooper and his desire to read the Bible cover to cover, because had it not been for him, I might still be wishing I would read the entire Bible. And I might still be struggling with so many questions.

 I’d like to help you read the entire Bible, too. And yes, you CAN do it in 90 days!

Here’s how YOU can read the entire Bible in 90 Days:

Read with a group– Accountability sure helps.

  • Form a group of those who also want to read the Bible and do it together.
  • Ask 2 others to read with you in a small accountability group.
  • Join a group that has already formed and read with that group.

Schedule the time to read– It won’t just happen if you just hope to get it done

  • Build an hour and a half of reading time into each day of the 90 days.
  • Read it all at once or schedule chunks of time throughout the day.

Do the reading!

  • Yes, read every word.
  • Carry your Bible everywhere.
  • Seize extra moments throughout the day to read. (You can even read while waiting for a pot to boil while cooking. Every word counts.)
  • If you miss your set time, schedule extra time the next day or on the weekend.

Don’t study– Remember this is a reading plan, not a study plan.

  • Focus on reading only.
  • Trust God to reveal to you what you NEED to know when you need to know it.
  • If you must, keep a journal to quickly record your questions to refer back to after you finish reading the entire Bible.

Reading the Bible in 90 days is a challenging, yet worthy challenge. It’s not easy, but it is amazing and life-changing. You WILL remember more than you think you will. You WILL end up understanding more than you think you will. And you will hear God if you just listen as you read His word.

I’ve hosted several sessions of read-throughs on MomsToolbox, both cover to cover, which I recommend for the first read through, at least, and also chronologically. I’ve also facilitated in-person groups. Here are some of the resources we have used:

Resources for either Bible in 90 Days plan:

  • You Are Here in the Bible (Ted Cooper of the Bible in 90 Days Ministry created You are Here in the Bible to help Bible in 90 Days readers get a snapshot of most of the books of the Bible as they were reading. His aim was to keep readers reading and not researching, therefore preserving more time for reading the entire Bible.  This link takes you to page of links to each of his entries.)

Resources for the cover to cover plan:

Resources for the chronological reading plan:

Blogging Through the Bible in 90 Days in other media: