Managing Chores- Dishwasher Duty


How do you spread the joy, er… responsibility, of dishwasher unloading at your house?

Because we can go in spells of running the dishwasher a lot or very little, I was struggling with finding the best way to share the joy of dishwasher unloading among all my sweet children.

My kids are 8- 12 years old. Also, I felt it was right to add our foreign exchange daughter back in the mix while she was visiting this summer. She’s 20 now. Read Full Post »

Overall Update: SOAP and my new Pushup Perfecter

Pushup Perfecter

Good Monday morning! In an effort not to inundate my subscribers’ inboxes with lots of posts on one day, I’m going to attempt a somewhat daily update of the regular stuff for awhile and see how that works. I’ll use these posts for my daily devotional findings, exercise updates and anything else that I feel is worth sharing in an overview. Here’s what I have for today, Monday, August 18, 2014:

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Adding fitness back into my schedule


This morning, after dropping the kids at school, I went for a fitness assessment with a trainer. You see, things a have gotten out of hand over here and I am not taking care of myself as well as I should be. Launching VineSleuth/ Wine4.Me, as well as managing the rest of my life as a mom, wife and well, regular person,  has been time consuming and challenging. I was on a great path last spring and summer, but, unfortunately […]

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Daily Devotion: 31 Days in Proverbs: Proverbs 13


Today marked the first day back to school for my three children. It is exciting and yet hard to believe that we now have a third, sixth and seventh grader. I remember so much about each of those years of my own schooling with so many smiles…. new friends, old friends, new school supplies, lockers, roller skating,  sleepovers, Brownie Girl Scouts, and my first involvement with a church youth group, among other memories.  I hope that my children will look back at […]

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A note to my subscribers of MomsTravel Tales:

It’s Amy of Moms Travel Tales here. Welcome to MomsToolbox! After blogging about travel at since 2009, I am making a move back to blogging about travel over at my home blog,  Since I began blogging back in 2007, with the Cycling Mama (a WordPress-hosted site), I have learned so much. One of those things is that I need to simplify. Most recently I have been managing four blogs: Moms Travel Tales, MomsToolbox, VineSleuth Uncorked and the blog for […]

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