Bible in 90 Days: Day 90


Oh my goodness, friends… the day is HERE!

It is Day 90 of the Bible in 90 Days!!

I have really enjoyed reading each and every one your delicious messages of completion. Checking my email and comments has given been this incredible rush every single time lately.  That has all been because of each of you who has joined me in this crazy spectacular journey of reading the Bible. I love hearing form those who are finished and feeling the joy jump from your heart to the screen and into my heart. I love seeing and hearing what you’ve experienced as you’ve been reading and I love even more knowing that He is moving in your life now and will continue to do so for eternity. This is some pretty powerful stuff.

Bible in 90 Days Graduate List

I’m compiling a list of our Bible in 90 Days grads to post soon. If you haven’t emailed me to let me know you finished, please do. To clarify, finishing within the next 100 days (or so) counts you as a graduate on my list. Please keep those emails coming as you finish, whenever you finish. I want to celebrate with you!

How will you celebrate?

If you are finished, mark your completion in some way. Celebrate your commitment and achievement. This is a BIG deal. I purchased a charm for my charm bracelet the first time I finished. And I cried at the jewelry store when I picked it out and then, again when I went to go pick it up. And then I shared it with the salesperson at the store. I often wonder if she did it, too, after I told her about it.

Haven’t finished?

If you haven’t finished, keep plugging along and DO NOT STOP, no matter where you are. I’ll post another check in next week, on day 97, for those still reading.  I KNOW you can do it if you really want to. Confession time– It took me an extra week to read the Bible in 90 Days my first time. I’m glad I kept pushing. I still wonder if I had I allowed myself another week beyond that, would I have finished or let excuses get in my way. So glad I’ll never know because I DID IT!

What’s next?

Completing the Bible in 90 Days program is so super exciting and following it up is always challenging for me. Some of you have told me you’ve already opened back up to Genesis and are doing it again. Some of you intend to go back and soak in or study what you’ve highlighted or made note to explore more fully, and some of you are sitting there, basking in the completion and wondering what to do next.  Of course, some of you are still pushing for the finish line.  (Keep going!!)

I’d like to encourage each of you to tell a decision-maker at your church about this program. The Bible in 90 Days ministry (which is now owned by Scripture Awakening) has great resources for in-person groups. Think of how many others around you who may want to join in this journey. And all it might take is a simple nudge from you.

Want to help me next time?

If you’d like to help out with Bible in 90 Days the next time I host, I’d love to have you on my volunteer time. Please drop me a note and I’ll be in touch. I don’t know the date of the next session yet. I’ll be praying about that soon.

Proverbs in 31 Days

Beginning August 1, I will be reading through Proverbs at a much slower pace (one chapter per day) and posting about it here on MomsToolbox. Would you like to join me for that? I’ll post a devotional format to use as you read and I’ll even have even printables if you like to journal with paper and pen, so you can keep track of your thoughts and what you are hearing from God.

No need to sign up, just be sure to come back next Saturday, August 1, to download the first resources and begin reading with me. I’d love to have you join me once again.

Sooo what do you think?

Here we are on Day 90. I am honored that you trusted me enough to join me as we began back in April. It’s been an amazingly full 90 days for me on so many fronts. I’m so thankful to have shared this time with you.

I’d love it if you would consider posting your thoughts on the journey now that we have reached Day 90. Has this journey changed you? Made you realize anything new? Not had any impact at all?

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments today as we wrap up the official 90 Days. I use these thoughts to ponder the next program and to share with others who struggle. Your words mean a lot to me so, please, if you can spare a few moments, do share.


Thanks, friends.


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