Easter Bunny Bun

How cute is THIS?!


My daughter saw the Scunci Easter Bunny kit at the grocery store over the weekend and, yes, I COULD have made this myself, but opted not to do so.

We snapped it up and today I did her hair in about 3 minutes. And it looks ADORABLE, don’t you think?

(For those of you who may not know how to use these newfangled bun tool things, you can click on over to Scunci bun video that helped me. Ya gotta LOVE YouTube!!)

NeuBible: a new, gorgeously-simple Bible app


NeuBible, a new gorgeously-simple, easy-to-read Bible app just launched yesterday in the App Store. It costs $1.99 and I’ve just downloaded it and begun playing with it. It comes with three translations free (The World English Bible, American Standard Version and King James Version), with a fourth offered as an in-app purchase for an additional […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I hope you are having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, any way you celebrate it.  I’m definitely wearing green, my daughter and one son are wearing their green, and I have no doubt my mom is sporting green, too. In high school she got in trouble for dying her hair green on St. Pats’s Day […]

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Knee Arthoscopy & Recovery


It’s been nearly one week since I had knee surgery. The recovery has been much slower than I anticipated. That could be because I missed a few sentences that explained how long recovery would take in my eagerness to get well. Let me back up a bit…

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