Quick trip to Austin, Texas with kids #SilverLinings

Yesterday I was SUPPOSED to have been rolling over the finish line in the MS150 for the 8th time. And my husband was, too.

Neither of us did.

This weekend I got to enjoy a few silver linings, though.

You see, I just had knee surgery in March for a torn meniscus, so riding 180 miles 6 weeks later wasn’t really my best plan. Then, about a week after surgery, it was discovered I had a blood clot so I was put on blood thinners and was told that the MS 150 was in no way a part of my plan. The risk of an accident made it out of the question.

So I planned to join a friend of mine in Austin with my two kids for some Austin fun and let my kids take part in a bit of the MS150 excitement by watching their dad roll across the finish line today.

Then the Houston- Austin area had some serious storms over the past few days, causing the first day of the ride to be cancelled. And Gary decided that perhaps he would view this as a gift and go ahead and sit day two out as well and get a few things done around the house with this magically opened window of time.

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Bible in 90 Days– Call for mentors


  Guess what? The Bible in 90 Days is coming back to MomsToolbox! I am thrilled to be hosting another session of Bible in 90 Days online to help anyone who has ever wanted to read the entire Bible– or who has read it and wants to do it again. We will be reading together Monday, April 27- […]

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