Psalms 1: He will make me strong


I have been wondering and praying about what to use as my next SOAP reading and devotional plan after finishing Proverbs in August. I still do not have that answer and a full-fledged reading plan, but I’m listening to find out what He might have in store for me.

This morning I was pulled to Psalms 1. Whether we go to Psalms 2 tomorrow I do not know. I’ll keep you posted as I know.

Rather than SOAP and find one particular verse this time, as is the SOAP method I’ve been using, this morning I am considering all of Psalms 1.

Here is what I heard in Psalms 1:


Psalms 1

You can read all Psalms 1 on Bible Gateway.


This chapter reminded me that those who seek his counsel are going  to be blessed. They will be strong and unswayed by challenges that face them. They will be deeply rooted and able to weather the storms.


Stay firmly rooted in Him. Continue seeking His counsel. He will guide me on the right path and make me stronger than I can be alone.


Lord, thank you for calling me to you and your Word. Thank you for promising strength to weather the storms. Thank you for a firm foundation in You. Please guide me in seeking your counsel that I may hear it in the right places and in the right ways. I want you in my life always. I want what you offer and need your guidance. Thank you for this affirmation that you will be here, that you will listen and that you will guide.

I love you, Lord.

I’m heading into yet another amazing, exciting chapter that will be filled with hard work. Please guide me in my decision-making, planning and execution. With you guiding me, my plans will be fruitful, like that strong tree by the water you share in Psalms 1.

Thank you for this reassurance, Lord.




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