Proverbs in 31 Days 2015: Day 2, Proverbs 2: Wisdom comes from following Him

Proverbs in 31 Days with MomsToolbox

Good morning, friends! It’s been exciting to see so many of you joining me from Facebook to read and SOAP with me this session. :) I hope you find this time fulfilling and well worth it.

If you are reading with me, today we are on Proverbs 2. (Remembering what to read in the Proverbs is as easy as remembering the day’s date when you read them with me.) That being said:

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 2

Using the SOAP devotional method, here’s what I heard this time…

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Proverbs in 31 Days Begins Tomorrow

Proverbs in 31 Days ebook

Beginning tomorrow, I will be reading through Proverbs (one chapter per day) and posting about it here on MomsToolbox. Wanna join me? We’ll be using the SOAP method as we read through this wisdom-packed book of the Bible. Each day just read the chapter that corresponds to the day’s date and then journal your way […]

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9 Simple Ways to Help a Friend Impacted by a Life-Changing Event

Last week yet another one of my friends was faced with Cancer. Again. It was discovered that her mom had a brain tumor. Her mom, one tough, awesome, amazing lady, had already stared Cancer in the face once and beat it. Now, here it was again in yet another form. Ugh. And, again, I was lost, […]

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