Wanna get #WineFit in time for Valentine’s day?


If you read my startup project’s blog, the Wine4.Me blog,  or if you follow Wine4.Me on social media (you do, don’t you??), then you know that we have just launched the Get #WineFit for Valentine’s Day campaign.

With “New Year, New You” challenges starting to fade, I thought it was time to offer a new, fun and informative challenge.

Through Valentine’s Day, Wine4.Me will guide followers of the Wine4.Me blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts through a journey of 30 well-distributed, easy to find wines, in an effort to help everyone learn more about what they like in wines.

The wines cover 14 varieties (or grape types and blends) and 6 countries. Most are priced between $6-$16, with a few closer to $20 and three splurge-worthy wines in the mix, too.

Each day we feature a new infographic for a new wine which gives you a few details about the wine and features a photo of the bottle so it is easy to spot on the shelves.

Of course I am not suggesting you drink all that wine yourself. Grab a few friends and rotate through the purchases so you can get a taste of each wine and begin to see what you like and don’t like. Don’t be surprised if your likes are different from your friends (You don’t all like your food exactly the same, do you?)

Of course all of the wines are featured in the Wine4.Me app, so anyone trying these wines and rating them in the app will have a fine-tuned profile at their fingertips in the app by Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a link to our first wine, a Moscato: Get #WineFit Challenge Day 1

I hope your taste buds have a blast on this journey of discovery.