Honey, I’m good

This morning I heard Andy Grammer’s song, “Honey I’m Good” on Sirius XM and couldn’t help but smile.

A song on mainstream radio that is totally catchy and talks about staying true to the one you love? Wait. What? Oh yes!!

“Oh, baby. No, baby. You got me all wrong baby.  My baby’s already got all of my love…”

Give it a listen. Then tell me what you think about it.

I’ve already downloaded it on iTunes. I’m in support of THIS!

Wanna get #WineFit in time for Valentine’s day?


If you read my startup project’s blog, the Wine4.Me blog,  or if you follow Wine4.Me on social media (you do, don’t you??), then you know that we have just launched the Get #WineFit for Valentine’s Day campaign. With “New Year, New You” challenges starting to fade, I thought it was time to offer a new, fun and […]

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