Psalm 35: He fights my battles

Good morning from jolly old England—or actually from the skies above England.

I’m writing this from the airplane as I’m heading to London and hope to post soon after my arrival there.

I’m not one who feels she has much in the form of enemies, and yet this Psalm still spoke to me. There are times, though, that I feel evil lurking, nagging and stealing my joy.

Here’s what I heard in Psalm 35 using SOAP:

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Psalm 31: Even when you may think He’s not, He’s there

I feel very close to God right now. I see His gifts and am reminded of His words to me frequently. I am thankful for His guidance and am overjoyed by the doors He has opened for me. There have been times, though, that I felt I was crying out and not being heard. But […]

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