I saw God today…4/20/14

Today I saw Him.

I saw Him in remembering the empty tomb. Even though I am still trying to fully understand and accept his gift in forgiving me, I still see Him there. And am amazed.

I saw Him in the gift of a church family that’s been right in front of me for nearly ten years. A church family I was a part of, but didn’t really know it.

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Memories to Share: Memory #28 – Celebrating Easter


He is RISEN!! The tomb is empty, my friends… it was and it is. There is no denying that—  by anyone. And THAT is a BIG DEAL. Also, at my house, the Easter bunny has been here and is gone, too. (And he left chocolate as well as some of the best jelly beans ever, according my 12-year old son who told me he’d like to express his appreciation to the bunny for selecting the jelly beans he did. Great […]

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Day 90 of the Bible in 90 Days is here!!


Today is Day 90 of our latest read through of the entire Bible in 90 Days. I have no doubt it has been a fast-paced whirlwind tour for those of you who attempted this challenge, whether you are finished today or not. Reading the ENTIRE Bible is quite an undertaking– and a massively rewarding one at that and doing it in just 90 days, well, that is crazy rewarding and massive, too. :)

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Funerals and pretending to be a grownup


I’ve just returned home from attending a memorial service for a childhood friend’s husband. Last week we buried my brother-in-law’s ashes. Y’all, I am barely into my 40s. This is not supposed to be happening. Not yet, anyway.

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Week 12 of the Bible in 90 Days is here!


We are in the homestretch, my friends. There are only 12 days left of the Bible in 90 Days… for real! For some of you this is exciting, joyful news. For some of you it might be frustrating news. And for some of you, you  might be wondering why in the world you aren’t finished yet, since you’ve been reading so much for so long. Well, sit tight and keep reading and your Easter will be especially joyous this year! […]

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