Group 16 Bible in 90 Days Check In

Your group leader is Jessica.

We’re so glad you are reading with us and hope your reading is going well.

Please check in by using the form below. This will allow me to see how you are doing and you will be able to check in every day if you would like.

Please also leave a comment to let our group know how you are doing and if you are up to date in the reading. If you aren’t, that’s okay… just make plans to catch up and stay on track this week. You can do it!

After you leave your comment, click though and see how the rest of our group is doing. Feel free to come back anytime during the week to leave notes for other group members.

Let me know if you have any questions – Blessings!

  • vanessa w

    Just an update: I’m still struggling to catch up, considering I’ve fallen extremely behind during the past month or so. But, I’m dtermined to keep going. Today I’m dividing up how many readings I have to complete each of the remaining days and making a check-off list, and continuing to read. Not giving up!

  • Christine

    I got slightly behind by a day. Got a little complacent because I thought since we’re in NT, it’s going to be an easy read even if I got behind by a day. Hopefully I’ll be on track by tonight or tomorrow through God’s grace. I just noticed that lately there have been 18 readings per day. Keep on reading! We’re so close to the finish line! :)

  • Shelly

    Am I the only one who is struggling?

    • Kristi

      Hang in there Shelly!! Praying for you!!

    • Alexis

      Keep plugging away. I am behind too!

    • Erica

      Absolutely not. I’m WAY behind!

    • Liz

      I am behind too :( But determined to finish!

  • Christine

    Still on track by God’s grace! Now I’m thinking if I would go ahead and read, read, read. :) Hope everyone’s on track too! Keep on reading God’s Word!

  • Christine

    Thank God I’m on track! I plan to stay on track until the Day 88.
    Enjoy reading the New Testament!

  • Christine

    I was able to catch up again last weekend. I noticed that the B90days reading plan in has a slightly different schedule than the original B90days. There was one “rest day/catch up day” each for February and March. Anyway, I’m trying to follow the original B90days reading plan. Thank God I’ve caught up! Keep on reading God’s Word!

  • Christine

    I’m slightly behind again. But hopefully I’ll be able to catch up again by God’s grace at the end of the week. “Giving up” is not an option now since we’re almost finish with the Old Testament. :)

  • Tamara

    I’m late! Crazy day yesterday, but I’m still right on schedule with my reading. It’s so nice to have you all as accountability.

  • Christine

    After being behind by 3 days, I was able to catch up last weekend by God’s grace! Thanks to your prayers and for God’s grace. Keep on reading God’s word! God bless :)

  • Liz

    Still a little behind but catching up finally :) So excited that I am still doing it! Praying for everyone.

  • Tamara

    I caught up! After being behind for two weeks I managed to catch up. I was nervous I’d fall too far behind and quit like last time but I didn’t and I’m sticking with it. This is about as far as I got last time.

  • Christine A

    I’m slightly behind, 3 days to be exact. I had extra activities for the past week and I was tired to read at night. I’m hoping to catch up this week by God’s grace. Keep on reading God’s Word!

  • Kristi

    I’m on track…thankful for the habit thats being created!! I loved reading Esther!!! It read more like a story.

  • Alexis R

    Hello ladies! I am behind a couple of days but not letting it discourage me! I will keep reading!! I am hoping that tomorrow morning will get me a little bit closer to being caught up.

  • Susan

    I am behind, have been for over 2 weeks, but I still continue to read in hopes that I will catch up. I will not quit!!

  • Christine

    I got 1 day behind last week but by God’s grace I was able to catch up on schedule last weekend. There were times that I got tired, discouraged and become lazy on reading because I wasn’t on schedule. But by God’s grace I came to my senses and realized that I should catch up and don’t let myself get discouraged easily.

    May God encourage and sustain us in reading His Word!

  • Christine

    I’m right on schedule by God’s grace. Still trying to be disciplined in reading the assigned reading for the day. Complacency creeps in sometimes. But I have to remind myself that this is a 90-day challenge, not 30 or 60. May we all be faithful reading the Bible till the end!