How to memorize anything easier


Thanks for stopping by! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! My brother, who was an awesome debater and orator in high school, taught me how to memorize anything easier  many years ago that has totally worked for me through the years. His memorization trick worked for me in junior high poetry recitations, it helped in high school reports, and I call on it now in memorizing scripture and in helping […]

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Comfortable shoes that look great. Really.

Comfortable Shoes

Last week I was in Florence, Italy for the Master of Wine Symposium. In packing for the trip, I knew I wanted to look sharp with all those brilliant wine professionals, but I also knew I’d be walking on uneven streets and standing and chatting at more than a few wine tastings. I would be standing for hours each day and wanted my feet to be comfortable, but also look great. I had every intention of buying a super luxury pair of […]

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Today’s #Gifts (5/20/2014)

I am really enjoying identifying and sharing my #Gifts from God with you. I hope these posts inspire you to see the gifts He is sending to you each day– even in dark times. Here are a few I received today: An unexpected email affirming my new business venture from someone whose opinion I trust. Launching VineSleuth/ Wine4.Me has been a challenging and exciting experience. Today I received an unexpected email that made me shout with joy right when I needed it. […]

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Today’s #Gifts (5/19/2104)


It amazes me the gifts I receive from our Father every single day. Every day is not perfect (in my eyes) and yet daily He reminds me that He loves me– in big and little ways. Here are a few gifts from today: Did you see all of that room? On my flight home from Italy today I was gifted with an empty seat next to me. After many late (and productive) nights on my business trip, I was quite […]

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I saw God yesterday (5/9/2014)

Wow! He really has been everywhere lately! Or, perhaps I should say that I’ve noticed Him a lot more lately. I may not have shared all my sightings, but I’ve certainly seen God all over the place. Recording a few of those sightings and blessings He has been sharing has inspired me to see more. So, for yesterday, here’s what I’ve got: I saw God all over the decision we made nine years ago to send my kids to the […]

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