Why use the official Bible in 90 Days Bible?


It really helps if you participate in the Bible in 90 Days program with the official Bible in 90 Days Bible, which you can order new for $14.99. I promise my goal (and even the ministry’s goal) is not to get you to buy another Bible. Yes, you can read your own Bible, but you chance of success is much greater of you use this specific Bible. And don’t you want to finish this time?

I tried reading the Bible from cover to cover on my own several times before I successfully did it with the Bible in 90 Days program. I know many others have, too. And I know the chances of completion jump dramatically if you use the official Bible.

Here are a few reasons why this particular Bible will help you:

  • It is an NIV translation, which is a direct translation yet still easy to read.
  • It has nice large type to keep your eyes from getting tired.
  • There are minimal footnotes and cross-references to keep you from getting distracted from the passage/ story at hand.
  • It is only an inch thick, which isn’t too overwhelming.
  • It is pretty small in size, so you can take it with you anywhere (and you’ll need to).
  • 12 pages a day isn’t too intimidating, and that’s what you’ll read with this Bible.
  • Each day’s reading is clearly indicated to keep you on track.

My advice: Clear out all the stumbling blocks and use all the tools designed to help you succeed this time. Make the investment in this Bible. You won’t regret it.