A few frugal tips…

First, let me confess that a few of those who know me, like really know me, might laugh at the idea of me writing a frugal tip… but I do have it in me.

I am not frugal most of the time. I am definitely willing to pay for convenience. And just for clarification, so you don’t think I’m being completely irresponsible, this is after our needs and giving and savings goals have been met. And, although I am not frugal, I am still pretty practical. So don’t let your imagination get carried away. I did pay for college.

But, back to my frugal tip…

Jessica at Life as Mom has asked her readers to be willing to be weird with her in being frugal. And she’s got a great post about it inviting others to share their ideas.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Last week I posted about an adorable mirror I scored for FREE after seeing it alongside the road next to someone’s trash.

At the time I was cycling with a friend who lived in the neighborhood where the mirror was being discarded.

Sure, at first I was a bit embarrassed when I suggested we stop and look at the mirror. “What would she think of me taking someone else’s trash?” I thought to myself.

But I was not going to miss out on that mirror.

So I spoke up, we circled back and my daughter gained a useful and super-cute addition to her room. For FREE!

And you know what? My friend is still my friend. I am so glad I wasn’t afraid to be weird.

And when we cycled a few days ago in the same area, we cycled with our eyes opened a little wider. Who knows what else we might find?

And for those of you who didn’t know I had a frugal tip in me… This wasn’t my first time to score the curbside discount. My college apartment was largely furnished with items found, eh-hem, in or near a dumpster in my apartment complex. There are lots of people moving in and out at semester breaks… and plenty of people who just don’t know what to do with furniture they don’t need anymore.

Look at that.. another tip— Dumpster dive in college towns at the end of the semesters!!

Guess I was more frugal than I thought.

Oh… and have I told you about my $14 white iron double bed? Guess I’ve got more to share for another day….

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  1. says

    I am so glad you brought up that bike ride from your other post. i have been racking my brain trying to remember on which blog I read about someone participating in the MS150. I have a frined in Austin who just sent me an email and he is participating too. i hope someday i will be in condition enough to participate in something like that.

  2. Somebody's Mimi says

    I have heard that college students throw away computers at the end of the semester!!! How crazy is that? I remember dumpster diving with my dh in Gainesville. At first I was a little embarassed but after I saw what he was bringing out, I decided “Hey I wanna see if there is anything in there I might want.”

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