B 90 Days SOAP: Don’t stop encouraging and growing

Day 85 of the Bible in 90 Days

Scripture: Hebrews 6:10-11

10God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.11We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, in order to make your hope sure.

Observation: Don’t stop encouraging others and growing in Christ. Keep it up!

Application: We all need to keep encouraging each other and growing is Christ. When the Bible in 90 Days reading plan is over, it is not time to stop and rest. Instead it is a time to keep encouraging and growing!

Prayer: Lord, please guide each of us as we ponder the next steps to take after finishing this fantastic reading of your Word. You have given us such a beautiful community. Please show us how and whom to encourage next. Guide us as we continue our study of you in the direction you have set for us.

Thank you for this incredible honor and experience of serving you together, as each member of our group has, and I have no doubt, will continue to do so in the ways you have set for each of us.

Guide us, Lord, that we may see you, undeniably, every day. And thank you, Lord, for that privilege.

A note to our Blogging Thru the Bible in 90 Days community:

I am gathering information and ideas for a post giving you ideas of what your next steps might be once each of you have completed reading the Bible.

I would love any input you might like to share for that post.

Please feel free leave comments with ideas or email me at amy at momstoolbox dot com. I have some ideas, but I would also love to hear from you. This has been such an amazing community!

Thank you for trusting me and joining me on this journey. And thank you for all you have contributed in so many ways already.

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  1. Veronica says

    When I started the program my husband joined me wit the reading; he got behind for much; now my goal is to statr reading with him and help him finish the whole bible. On another note I have been staying at my Dad’s home because he had surgery and I was helping with his care which help me finish the reading faster; well one of my nieces told me that she wants to do it; so I am leaving my bible behind to her. Oh the Lord is so great in the ways he shows what to do and how.

  2. Veronica says

    Hi; just to let you know I finished on Saturday and it feels so good. I don’t remember how many times I tried to read the bible from the beginning to the end and failing, but this time with the encuragement of my mentor and the daily prayers I was able to do it. Thanks!!!
    My group and mentor: 31- Katey

  3. says

    I’m going to start again in June, but this time with one or two big questions in the back of my mind that I will seek the answer to on every page of the Bible. My first time through I’ve underlined so many verses and written so many notes at the tops of the pages that it’s hard to really go back and make anything of it- it’s overwhelming. I want to be more focused the next time through on one or two issues that are somewhat unclear to me. So by the end of the summer I’ll have a Bible with notes devoted to one particular topic. Then next time through I’ll focus on another issue. I’m also really looking forward to doing this in the summer when I’m not homeschooling the kids. It should be a little more leisurely.
    .-= Celee´s last blog ..Catching up =-.

  4. says

    I’m a day and half behind but still, plugging away. I hope to go back to a Bible that I had been half heartedly reading through the last four years. I was trying to read all the way through it and still have ten books to go. When I complete that it will be on to a note takers Bible with lines in the margins. I hope to read through the entire Bible slowly and record my thoughts and comments. I will then gift this Bible to my daughter when she graduates from high school. I hope to continue repeating this process for all of my kids.

  5. Somebody's Mimi says

    I am enjoying reading the Bible just as I would any book… for the enjoyment and pleasure. Although I haven’t been able to keep with the plan and got off track I will continue to read until I finish. The next time I read it will probably be in July along with you and all the other people. The second time I’m sure I will learn as well as enjoy.
    One thing I didn’t like was when “other readers” would tell or discuss what was going to happen “next”…. for someone who has NEVER read all the Bible that was a bit disturbing!

  6. says

    I discovered a big flaw in my Bible study. When I read, I read to find doctrine or to learn from what other people did. But I don’t read to learn about God. I didn’t really realize that until starting this program. My attention is in the wrong place…

    So, I’m going to tackle the gospels and keep redirecting my focus toward Christ. Even when I’m aware that I’m taking my eyes off God while reading, I still struggle to change my focus. My goal is to read through the gospels and learn as much as I can about Christ and the Father, all the while concentrating on Them instead of human mistakes/doctrine/etc.
    .-= Cassandra´s last blog ..Bible in 90 Days – Day 83 =-.

  7. says

    I plan to go back through re-reading portions I highlighted or wrote questions next to and study those more in depth. Also my next goals are to better organize and spend more consistent time in prayer and to pick a passage of Scripture to memorize and meditate on. I eventually plan to try one verse a day until I have a whole chapter, then maybe work on memorizing a whole small book. We’ll see though. At first I think I’ll just re-read and study portions.
    .-= Bessers´s last blog ..Curriculum fun =-.

  8. says

    One of the things I had hoped to accomplish, along with reading the whole Bible straight through, was to establish a daily Bible reading routine in the mornings. That has not happened yet, so I plan to continue working towards that daily goal as I go back and read sections of the Bible that I wanted to spend more time studying. I also plan to join in again with B90Days in July!
    .-= Erin @ Closing Time´s last blog ..Friday Favorites =-.

  9. says

    Well, I still have 30 days to go, but I plan on doing it again with you in July, as well as encouraging some folks I know who are not regular Bible readers to give it a try. This has been an AMAZING journey.


  10. Cindy Pirtle says

    Pay it forward! I was so moved and excited by our Bible in 90 Days experience that I became a facilitator! You have proved that it is not required to have a church facility to help people in their journey through the Bible . . . let’s branch out to neighborhood groups!


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