Bible in 90 Days launches tomorrow!

Bible in 90 Days

Tomorrow is the big day for Bible in 90 Days and MomsToolbox!

Later this evening I will post the reading assignment for tomorrow so we can all begin our reading and 90-day journey together.

After a busy weekend of more than 100 sign ups,  we have more than 900 readers registered to read with us.

This means we are nearing capacity for mentored groups. Once we exceed that capacity, those who register will be assigned to accountability groups, but will not have designated mentors. Accountability groups will still have a communications page to leave comments and encouragement for each other and are invited to communicate with all of the readers via the MomsToolbox Facebook page, Twitter using the #B90Days hashtag and here on MomsToolbox, so please don’t be discouraged if you are not placed in a mentored group.

This also means that the volunteer who places the readers into the groups has a lot of people to place in groups. Please be patient if you haven’t heard from your mentor, especially if you signed up after Friday. Yes, the mentors play an integral role in this process, but you can still start without her if you do not hear from yours by Monday. Please just open up your Bible and read with us and sit tight until you do hear. If you still haven’t heard anything by Tuesday, feel free to send me an email.

To get you ready, here are a few answers to common questions:

What do I do on the first day (July 11)?

Two required things: Read and check in. And one extra bonus thing: Twitter party


Open up your Bible and read the reading assignment for the day. Make it a point to start off strong and do not skip reading Day 1 for any reason. Carry your Bible with you everywhere until you have finished the reading.

I will post the day’s reading assignment and what I heard in the reading every day of the program. You can find out the reading assignment by downloading the Bible in 90 Days schedule, visiting each day, or by following me on Twitter or liking me on Facebook. You might consider subscribing to MomsToolbox via email so that you get an email of each day’s post delivered to your inbox. That way you will have a constant reminder of what is happening.

Checking in:

Visit, look for the week one check in post and follow the directions there to check in for the first time.

Optional Twitter Party:

You might also consider joining us on Twitter from 8-9 CST every Monday evening of the program. We will tweet about the reading, ask and answer questions, encourage each other and get to know each other. Use the #B90Days hashtag to join in the conversation.

Is this a study program? What do I do about my questions along the way?

This is NOT a study program. It is a reading program. You will have lots of questions along the way. Resist the urge to research them. Write them down if you must and move on. You might feel confused at the time, but you will be amazed at how much you will retain and remember once it is finished. Remember, you’ve got the Holy Spirit guiding you! (You did ask Him to help, right?)

Where else can I find information about the Bible in 90 Days program on MomsToolbox?

On the top of my site there is a link to a Bible in 90 Days page. You can find more FAQs there, as well as links to the reading, the blog button and lots more.

You can also follow this link to sign up for a daily encouragement email from the Bible in 90 Days ministry.

I am thrilled that so many of you are dedicated to this challenge of reading the entire Bible! It is going to be AMAZING!


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