Bible in 90 Days– Are you still reading?

I have not been posting as regularly as I had intended to post, and I’ve also noticed comments have been waning on what I have posted. So I have a simple question for you, my dear readers:

Those of you who committed to  read the Bible in 90 Days this session, are you still with me?

If you are, I will keep posting, But if you are not, I will stop feeling guilty about not posting and let it go, reading and journaling on my own, but not posting.

No guilt. No love lost. Are you still reading? Want me to keep it up?

Let me know….

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  1. Whispered Abundance says

    Still reading! A day or two behind …I think around Day #70, but refreshed encouragement with making it to the New Testament!

  2. Linda Dale says

    I’m still here! :) I’m behind as I am in day 71! Woo hoo we made it to the New Testament today! Sweet! :) PLEASE keep posting! I don’t have a reading partner so it makes me feel like I’m not in this alone! :) I know and feel the Lords presence but it’s always nice to have the we are in this together feeling. We can do this! :)

  3. Gina Comer says

    I’m still reading. But you should not post if it’s a burden. This is a commitment I made to myself and God. It’s fun to get your emails but my success is not dependant on them. I never would have thought to even try without seeing your blood posts last time you went through so they are not in vain.

    So, yes, and no. :-)

    Many blessings, Gina

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