Blast away Boredom with a library card… and not just for books!

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A Library Card.. and not just for books!

Libraries, like the rest of the world, have really expanded lately. With a library card, you can now check out so much more than just books… there are movies, CDs, games, game players… lots of things!

Plus, with a library card, your options for reading are almost limitless! Choose a theme of the week and see how many interesting books your family can find (and read) about that topic, fiction and non-fiction. Read all about it and then choose a new theme the next week. (If you need help with theme ideas, check out FishMama’s awesome weekly suggestions for the summer.)

If there are some specific titles you have in mind, call ahead or use the internet to reserve your choices.

PLUS, many libraries host free activities for families over the summer. In addition to storytimes, your library might host craft times and live performances.

Our library way out in the ‘burbs is hosting puppet shows, ventriloquists, magic shows and more. What is your hosting?

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