Roll with the Punches- #TravelTipTuesday

As I type this week’s Travel Tip, I’m doing so with one finger hunting & pecking on my phone, using hotel wifi after having been scheduled on one international flight which sat on the ground for 4 hours before it was cancelled and de-planed, and then having the second flight suffer cancellation issues, as well.  […]

Check passport expiration dates and country requirements #TravelTipTuesday


  Planning to travel internationally anytime soon? Check your passport’s expiration date and then check the passport validity requirements for the country you are visiting. Then check the airline requirements just to be sure you can board that plane. (Some airlines have more stringent guidelines than the countries themselves.) Your passport expiration date is a strange […]

Holiday travel tips for familes with young children

Looking for a few tips to make family travel even better this holiday season? Last year I shared 12 days of travel tips on Moms Travel Tales. Since the advice still rings true, I thought sharing those links might help yet again this year. Plus, you’ll find links in each of those posts to other […]

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