Can extended family impact a child’s faith? My Mamu sure did!

Can extended family impact a child's faithAs I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to know my great-grandmother, my mom’s, mom’s mom.

Mamu, as she was called, was a kind, loving woman who I remember as being calming and joyful. Whether it is true or not, my memories of her always bring pictures of a small woman who was always smiling.

I remember sitting with her, listening to her, and I remember one time she let me put tape all over toes in an effort to fix them. (She had a toe that crossed over the other one and I was determined to fix that for her.)

Mamu was the baker of our family and she made the best cream pies. I remember her making tiny pies just for my brother and me and I remember her letting me make my own pie crust and sprinkle it with sugar. She let me lick the spoons after making pie and sample the pie crust before it was baked.

And I knew, both from looking at the table next to her favorite chair, and from hearing about it from my mom, that Mamu read her Bible every single day and prayed every day, too.

I often wonder what Mamu learned in her prayer time and what verses stood out to her in different stages of her life. I wonder if she kept a prayer journal or any type of journal and what she would have recorded in there. I would love the opportunity to visit with her now and ask her so many things.

Mamu lived very far away from me, but I still knew her well. And I continue to love her deeply to this day.

And I credit her prayers as those which led me to Christ. Although I was never told directly, I know she must have prayed for me as a child and prayed for my future as a woman. And I am so thankful for those prayers.

So… can an extended family impact a child’s faith? Absolutely. And that impact can be felt just by observation, love and kindness. It doesn’t even need to be pronounced.

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  1. Homeschoolmama2 says

    This is an interesting topic because not only can extended family impact a child’s faith positively like your story they can also impact a child’s faith negatively. I know from first hand about that. My husband and I are raising our girls with the Lord. But my parents are not believers and it is hard on my girls. My parents have asked me to not speak to them about religion (which is basically their way of saying anything about our beliefs is not allowed) this even extends to my girls. When my oldest tries to bring up the Lord my mom changes the subject. It is very hard. I was very inspired by your story. I wish that that had been true for me but I know that I will be there for my girls with prayer. God bless you!!

  2. Sonya Perkins says

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of Mamu. I had one of those prayer warriors in my life too, but she was my step mother. I don’t even want to think where I would be today if she had not been in my life.

  3. Jen Schmidt says

    Thank you for sharing about Muma…what a gift. I sent through an email…for my post. I don’t know why it wasn’t in there. HAVE A BLAST at Savvy. I heard your party was a huge success. YAY!

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