Mimosa Brunch at The Tasting Room

houston-moms-post For those of you lucky enough to live in Houston, all four The Tasting Room locations offer a new take on the traditional mimosa Champagne brunch. Rather than just offer one orange mimosa, the Tasting Room offers a selection of fresh, house-made juices and purees to go along with their list of sparkling wines. The experience is totally custom, and a lot of fun, too. I checked it out at the CityCentre location. First we picked a bottle of bubbles for the table, which are all discounted during brunch, with bottles ranging from $34 – $139,  and then we picked a few fruit juices. Fruit Juice Mimosa Brunch We went with the Argam Cava at $34, and white peach, raspberry, strawberry and blood orange juices to start. Then we mixed and matched and tried all the combinations we could concoct. I liked that I could try so many things and didn’t have to commit to one from the start. My favorite turned out to be the white peach, with the Blood Orange in a close second. We also indulged in some of their delicious brunch dishes: Crab Cakes and Eggs Fruit-Juice-Mimosa-Brunch-Crab-Cake-and-Eggs Chicken and Biscuits Fruit Juice Mimosa Brunch- Chicken and biscuits Lemon Ricotta Pancakes Fruit-Juice-Mimosa-Brunch-pancakes (Ummm… is it safe to admit there were only two of us and we sampled all of that??) And yes, they tasted even better than they looked–each and every one. The crab cakes had a great kick with the jalepeno, yet they were not nearly as spicy as I imagined they would be. They were rich and delicious and a great Texas nod to eggs benedict. The chicken and biscuits were what I would imagine a southern grandma making back in the day (or do they still do that?), but made modern with a touch of arugula salad and a truffle vinaigrette. The coating on the chicken was perfectly crisp, the gravy was creamy, and the salad made me think that maybe my brunch wasn’t as unhealthy as it was. (Okay, that probably didn’t make up for the rest. But a girl can dream.) The lemon ricotta pancakes? Those were like dessert…fresh, sweet and perfect. Yummmmmmm. If you’re in Houston, swing by any Tasting Room location on a Saturday or Sunday for brunch.  You’re sure to love it! The four Tasting Room locations are:

  • CityCentre
  • Uptown Park
  • River Oaks
  • Kings Harbor in Kingwood
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