Games for teen parties?

This is where I seek your advice…

This weekend we are hosting a farewell party for our Danish daughter/ foreign exchange student.

So here’s my question for you… Should we plan organized games? Which ones?

Or should we just set up a volleyball net, set out the Bocce balls and leave it up to them to have fun?

Opinions and game ideas welcome… Please do tell and share this post!! (I’m counting on you, my bloggy friends!!)

This post is linked to Works for Me Wednesday because I’m curious: What works for you?

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  1. terryaretta says

    Ive planned many teen parties for my daughter. Things can get ugly quickly, so you don’t want ot leave them to themselves too much. Someone’s feelings will get hurt or else they’ll do something stupid and break something (or someone!) My girls love hide-n-seek, especially in the dark. We also do a variation where “it” goes to hide and the others find and hide with her. We also will often do some sort of project so they’ll have something to take home. Fabric markers on tshirts or pillowcases, magnets for their lockers, jewelry, etc. They also could make their own pizza, brownies, ice cream sundaes, or whatever. Have fun, and good luck!

  2. Weezy says

    As a teen myself, there’s nothing more I like then just being left to play around by ourselves – the volleyball is a great idea, as well as lots of different types of balls!
    Oh and ditto on the frisbees and water guns, these can be used by anyone for all sorts of games or just fun! And maybe something like Twister or Outdoor Jenga (if you can borrow it from a neighbor) which can involve as many or as little people as possible!
    As long as you have plenty of space, they’ll make their own fun (:


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