Letting Him be my Shepherd

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be reading and praying through Candace Crabtree’s Wait Only Upon God this Lenten season. This morning’s devotional featured Psalm 23, the one where we are to recognize that He is our shepherd, that He guides us, and that accepting those things can bring us peace. Candace provides a prayer […]

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Do you observe Lent? How?


Growing up, my family never observed Lent. But, then again, we were mostly an Easter- and Christmas-only church-attending family, so we didn’t really observe many religious traditions or rituals. In junior high I started attending a Baptist church with a friend on Wednesday evenings and sometimes Sundays, but I don’t remember Lent being mentioned. It’s […]

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My Positive Playlist– What’s on yours?

A friend of mine just asked his friends on Facebook to list some of their favorite super optimistic songs so he could create a playlist. He tagged me in the post specifically, so he must think I’ve already got one. And he is right. I started a playlist of positive, uplifting songs a few years ago while […]

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