Launching into week 4 of #B90Days


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Ugh. Sometimes honesty hurts. And, well, it’s time for another dose of honesty from your Bible in 90 Days facilitator: Reading the Bible in just 90 days is challenging! It is not an easy task. Things pull you away. Life gets in the way. Amazingly, though, the Word is always right there, waiting for us when we are ready. He is patient and kind […]

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I have a #B90Days confession to make…


I am behind in  my reading. And I don’t mean behind by a day. I’m, ummm… 10 DAYS BEHIND behind in my reading! Aaack! Today is day 18 and I’m still making my way through Day 8. Nope, I am not thrilled with myself. Sure, I have tons of excuses– we’ve been traveling, my mobile app/ wine data business venture has required a lot of extra work lately, my kids have had a lot of school work that needed guidance. […]

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Hey, #B90Days readers: Ya still with me for week 3?

Bible in 90 Days

    Our third week of reading the Bible in 90 days started yesterday. How’s it going? I am so sorry I am a day late in asking that of you… the last week has been quite a whirlwind for me and yesterday just got away from me before I could post. I’m still pulling for each and every one of you and hope that your reading is going well and that you are seeing just the messages God is […]

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Memories to Share: Memory #16- Meeting your Spouse


I certainly didn’t meet my husband the way I thought that I would… he was siting in a table in my station where I was waiting tables, yet someone else had already picked up the table by the time I got to work. And still, we found a way to connect. And even though I refused to give him my phone number when he first asked, (I felt it was way too soon in our conversation!) by the end of […]

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#B90Days: 7 days down, only 83 to go!

B90Days week 2

So, how did your first week as a Bible in 90 Days reader go? It’s a pretty fast-paced ride, isn’t it? I hope that you found all of the time you needed to get the reading done each day. For some people, they set daily reading goals and others set weekly reading goals. Whichever format you use, I hope you are enjoying the immersion and are up to date.

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