Readers Recommend: The ‘gift I gave myself’ edition

What have you read this week that has helped you, inspired you or just given you that giggle you needed to read?

This week, I am embarrassed to admit it,  but I remembered why I need to clear the clutter in my kitchen after reading 3 Gifts to Give Yourself on Mother’s Day at Life as Mom. The mail, papers, Lego bricks, crayons and other random items had been piling up and, at the same time, I was walking around feeling like a failure in so many other areas so I kept putting off the tidying, thinking I would get to it later.

FishMama’s post helped me to put two and two together and inspired me to take some action. And now I’m feeling much better in quite a few ways.This is not a ‘how to de-clutter’ post, by the way, so don’t go there looking for cleaning tips. Look there for life tips.

I can’t recommend enough that you swing by and check out her post  if you are feeling a tad overwhelmed in the job of mom.

What about you? What have you found on the ‘net recently that has made an impact on you? There are so many fantastic posts out there and I am hoping this will help me to find even more of them with your help.

To participate, all you need to do is give us a one-sentence description of why you are recommending a specific post and then leave a direct link to that post in the comments.

A few guidelines:

  • Readers Recommend posts may not be written by the one who recommends them.
  • The purpose of the post may not be a sales pitch.
  • Any affiliate links in the post may not benefit the one who recommended the page.
  • And the posts must be rated G.

Other than that, anything good (and not spammy) goes.

So… what favorite post do you have to recommend this week? Please share!

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    • Amy says

      I just popped over and read it and it definitely touched me, too. I’m so glad you shared it with us!

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