The Great Playground Challenge

I had so much fun compiling my list of free Summer activities for kids in Houston, that I started thinking of even more free summer fun. This might might be obvious, but there are a LOT of fantastic playgrounds and parks very near where I live… and so often I overlook them. I asked my kids (ages 5, 7 and 9 years) if they would like to do some playground research this summer and compare a few of the parks […]

Make it a GREAT summer!

Make it a GREAT Summer

Friday marks the last day of school for my children and I am really looking forward to spending more relaxed time with them over the next few months. I will admit that, a few years back, I looked at summer with a bit of fear in my heart as I wondered what in the world I would do each and every day with them. But, even then, I vowed to make the best of it and so I did… and […]

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