Thanks for Making Me a Finalist!

Foods From Chile

Guess what?

Your votes made me a finalist in the Foods From Chile Next Top Blogger Contest, which means I’m one step closer to an amazing culinary adventure in Chile, thanks to you and your influence on my behalf!


Yesterday I shot a video explaining why I think the judges should pick me, as each of the other 9 finalists did, as well.

The judges will take a look at that and my entry post and make their decision by the end of the week.

Will I get to go to Chile again, this time exploring some of its vineyards, olive groves and fruit plantations up close? Will I get to visit the Mercado Central in Santiago and Nam Santiago Food Festival and get to share my experiences with you?

I don’t know the answer just yet, but I do know that I have some of the best fans out there. So thanks, everyone, for your support in getting me to this point. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the judging that’s taking place now, but I already feel so fortunate to have made it this far.

Oooh! I can almost taste all the fresh, delicious fruit, vegetables and seafood… and all those wines…

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