What’s Your Budget for Champagne or Sparkling Wine?

Yesterday Eric Asimov of the New York Times shared his picks for value bubbles this holiday season, all of which come from the US and all are between $17 – $29.

Earlier in the story he explained that quality Champagne, the real stuff that comes from France, can’t often be found for less then $35.

This got me thinking and wondering about how much VineSleuth readers are willing to pay for sparklers, whether that be for an everyday bubbly, or Champagne or other bubbles for a special occasion.

For me, I can range between $15 up to about $100, depending on the situation at hand. I think I most often spend about $20- $50, with a few of my latest favorites being Cordon Rouge from G.H. Mum at about $45 (My husband even likes this one and he’s not one who is much for bubbles.) and Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc ($37 and my neighbor’s favorite. It’s great to have a neighbor who enjoys bubbles, by the way!). In October, I tried  Chateau Frank Celebre ($20) from New York’s Finger Lakes for the first time and really enjoyed it. And in November I was introduced to Jansz Premium NV Cuvee just after judging wines for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition. Jansz quickly made its way into my rotation. It is a fantastic sparkler from Tasmania that I think tastes much more then the $20 it costs.

But my decisions and budget shouldn’t dictate what you spend. And I’d love to know what YOU are drinking and what YOU are looking to spend.

So, if you’re willing to share, what is your usual budget for bubblies? And does it go up during the holidays?



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    I luuuuuuurve bubbles, and have been sharing the love through tastings and writing. Living in Champagne I support my local industry and drink a lot of bubbles. Prices in Europe are different, but in general I feel I am getting a lot more bang for my buck when I drink growers Champagne compared to the big brands, which I buy very rarely. When I host a party I try to serve Champagne from Magnum – you can get some excellent wines here around 40-60 Euro (in Magnum) – as it adds to the festivity and the wine just tastes that little bit more exquisite!! For everyday sparkling I still drink a lot of Champagne, generally some I pick up around 15 Euro’s, or before I moved to France Cava. Cava is great value for bottle aged wine:-) Cremant de Bourgogne, Alsace and Loire are also often excellent value for money! Also like NZ bubbles, sparkling shiraz and cap classique. But one of the most amazing and great value sparkling I ever tasted came from Brazil – where they harvest several times a year. It was made according to the Charmat method and I felt it had more character than most Prosecco’s. To be honest I am not a great fan of Prosecco, unless you have a pet nat, which is a category I have been investigating a little bit more lately as there are some great French Pet Nats around all retailing for under 10 Euro’s.

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    I drink bubbles a lot, so I don’t really differentiate between a “bubbles budget” and my regular “wine budget”. I also don’t spend any differently during the holidays, unless I am going to a holiday party or dinner, then I usually bring a nice bottle of bubbles for the host.

    In general try to focus on the $15-$25 range for everyday bubbles. For Mimosas or Champagne Cocktails I try to find something in the $8-$15 range. For Champagne I usually stick to around $40-$60/bottle, unless I am really curious about something or love something (then I’ll splurge).

    And how are you married to someone who’s not into bubbles?! Then again that just means more for you ;)

    • VineSleuth says

      Thanks for your input here– I know you LOVE the bubbles, so it is especially fantastic to hear that you can find so many inexpensively.
      My husband may not enjoy bubbles as much as I do, but he’s still supportive of me enjoying them. And I have an awesome neighbor who is often eager to enjoy sparkling wines with me. Gotta love that!

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    Wine love bubbles! Champagne is fantastic, and bringing a bottle to a party or a dinner is an elegant way to honor the host. Bringing a “tribute wine” acknowledges that you appreciate and value being invited as a guest.

    But when we’re hosting, we like a bang for our buck. While Champagne is a premium quaff, you can get the allure of the French at a fraction of the price by buying a crémant – usually under $20. Cava’s from Spain and Prosecco’s from Italy are delicious and reasonably priced. As Washington natives, we are fond of Ste. Michelle, and their brut sparkler really delivers for about $8-12 (depending on your region, and how much the taxman needs love). The label is a little tacky, but if you’re hosting a party, pour out of sight in the kitchen and people will rave about your good taste.

    Here’s to a sparkling holiday season!

    All the best,

    Nannette Eaton

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