Pinot Noir & Goat Cheese

Last weekend I wrapped up Spring Break with my family at Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas.

At dinner in the 8212 Wine Bar and Grille, the cheese plate caught my eye, mostly for the Montrachet goat cheese, strawberry jam, balsamic, and warm brie.

I asked my waiter for a white wine suggestion by the glass and he offered one which worked well.

And then I ordered the DeLoach Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, California) to go with my dinner and had a nibble of the last bit of goat cheese left.

Woah. It was a Ratatouille moment, as in when the mouse in the movie tastes two flavors that make fireworks go off in his mouth and he knows he has found joy in food.

I promptly asked the waiter if he could bring me more of that goat cheese and strawberry jam so I could enjoy the food and the wine even more.

The sweet and the tangy and the rich and the bold were all going back and forth on my tastebuds. I wish I had more words for you to describe it here…

I just know that today, at the store, I bought some goat cheese. And I intend add a little strawberry jam and see if I like it with a few other Pinot Noirs that we already have at home.

That was an amazing combination. I definitely hope to replicate it!

When was the last time you had a Ratatouille moment? Please tell us about it in the comments.

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  • Cindy A.

    Strange that you should ask. I had a Ratatouille moment on March 16th. I had ordered grouper and veggies at the Columbian Restaurant and I wanted a wine to go with it. Our waiter was a professiional waiter and we learned that he had been ast his trade for over 25 years. I trusted his judgement in suggesting a wine that would compliment my meal. He poured me a Las Mulas Sauvignon Blanc Reserve. OMGosh it was perfect and I knew it! BUT after I had finished my meal it was a different story. This wine was not meant for sipping alone. BIG Difference alone than with the food. Oh but with the meal it was sooooo perfect.