Wine Olympics Tasting Parties

A reader sent in this photo from outside of W90+, a wine shop in Jacksonville, Florida:

What a great way to celebrate the Olympics and host your own tasting!

Here are a few ways you could do it:

  • Find out what countries will be represented at upcoming events and have wines representing those countries on hand for tasting. You could even assign countries to guests to bring to the party. Taste the appropriate wines as the countries compete and win.
  • See who has the highest medal counts, buy wines representing those countries and see which of those countries YOU would give a gold medal based on the wines.
  • Have your own Olympics of wine to see which ones you and your friends like the best. Cover the bottles in foil or a put them in a gym sock so you don’t know what you are tasting.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for your own Olympics of wine?


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