Wondering how to keep the joy in family travel?

A few of you may have noticed a tiny button on my sidebar leading to Moms Travel Tales.

The Bible in 90 Days program has taken up most of my blogging time lately, but I also have a travel site for families to share ideas and build better vacations.

Today my friend FishMama (who also happens to be one of our Bible in 90 Days readers :) ) is featuring a guest post of mine on her blog, Life as Mom.

I’m sharing a few tips on Keeping the Joy in Family Travel there. Swing by and take a look if you get the chance (after you are caught up with your B90 reading, of course) and let us know what you think and how YOU keep that joy going when you travel.

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    I just realized I didn’t give credit where credit was due. I saw a tweet from FishMama about the Traveling post, but didn’t notice you had written it. That tweet inspired me to write my Top Ten Tuesday post yesterday, all about my “fun” family vacation. :) So thanks for getting my writing going!

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