12 Things I’ve learned about travel with kids

1. What you carry on a flight with small children makes a difference. Pack backpacks with the right stuff, and flying is a snap.

2. Using a one-week packing list helps me to be sure I don’t over pack or leave anything behind.

3. And on that note about packing, pack to make unpacking easy. I like to pack clothes on hangers so all I have to do is pop everything out of the suitcase and into the right closet.

4. Making your way through security checkpoints can be a breeze, if you know what to expect.

5. When your luggage is misplaced, ask for a toiletry kit. The airline might forget to offer one to you.

6. Solve the ear pressure problem by nursing or offering a bottle, lollipop, gum or other snacks at takeoff and landing.

7. Don’t be afraid to plan an outing based on only one child’s interest. See if you can plan an activity for each child that way rather than planning 4 activities everyone will only mildly enjoy.

8. Club Med family villages offer fantastic amenities for families. I thought that Club Med was only for singles or adults. How wrong I was! Use their site to enter your youngest child’s age to find the right destinations for your family world-wide. We have been blown away by the childcare, access to baby-friendly food and in-room amenities, as well as all the family and adult activities.

9. Use the concierge! Hotel concierges are not just there for business travelers, they can be a huge help for planning activities, suggesting restaurants, ssecuring tickets to shows and much more. One concierge in France even served as my translator in ordering kid-friendly food from room service.

10. You don’t only have to go to traditionally kid-oriented destinations to have a blast with your kids. There is always something fun to do with your family just about anywhere you go. (And stashing a deck of cards and a few coloring and puzzle books can make boring adult stuff more fun.)

11. Keep your eyes open and be ready to make changes. I am still pumped that we saw a billboard advertising the Jello Museum last month. What a cool detour we took!

12.Yes, all of the extra bags and planning can be a hassle. But it totally pays off when you find a note in the hotel room from your son (who hates to write) like the one I featured above.

And, my bonus thing learned for today:  Sometimes traveling to DisneyWorld without the kids is fun, too. Like this time I got to sleep in Cinderella’s Castle...

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