7 People to tip when traveling (and how much)

Wondering who to tip as you travel this holiday season? I’ve got you covered, from checking your luggage at the curb to having dinner reservations made by the concierge to giving something back to those who clean up after you. Get your wallet ready…

1. Skycap: $1-2 per bag

These are the guys who check your bags at the curb in the airport (keeping you from having to lug them inside) and can also check you in for your flight.

2. Taxi driver: Typically $5-7, unless it is a very far (or short) trip or unless you are feeling extra generous.

Round up to the nearest 5 or 10 dollar increment, depending on how much your fare is before tip.

3. Valet parker: $2-5 dollars, when you retrieve your car

4. Bellman: $1 per bag, but round up if near a $5 increment

5. Hotel concierge: $5-20, depending on how much help they offer.

6. Hotel housekeeper: if you are pretty messy, consider leaving $5-10/ day

7. Waiter, Waitress and Bartender: 15-20% of your total bill, if ordering just a drink or two at a bar, leave $1 or more (Hotel room service often includes the tip in the charge for your meal. Ask the server who delivers it to your room to be sure.)

These tipping tips are based on tipping in the US. Tipping is highly discretionary. If in doubt, round up… an extra dollar or two could really make someone’s day!

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