6 Simple Ways to Pamper Overnight Guests

Planning on hosting any overnight guests this holiday season or anytime?

I’m continuing my 12 Days of Travel Tips for Christmas today by sharing 6 simple ways to pamper your overnight guests.

Of course the most important thing you can do to welcome guests is open your home to them and greet them warmly. If you want to go the extra mile, though, here are 6 more things you can do to make them feel pampered:

1. Leave a small basket filled with bottles of water and chocolates in your guest room.

2. Be sure the bathroom has toiletries your guests can use. You can either just leave out what you normally use or offer a basket of travel size options from your own travels.

3. In addition to leaving out fresh towels, tie them up with a beautiful ribbon.

4. If your guests are first-time visitors to the area, set out a collection of brochures, books and magazines about your area.

5. Double check that you have a backup roll of toilet paper in the guest bathroom. Fold the end of the roll in use into a point as you might find at a hotel.

6. Have an extra key made and put it on a elegant key chain to share with them during their stay, if they will be staying long or sightseeing without you.

Don’t have a guest bedroom or bathroom? Keep all these goodies handy and present them to your guest whenever you show them to whichever room they will be using.

What are some things you do at your home to welcome guests?

What extra touches have you experienced as a house guest?

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