12 Days of Family Travel Tips: 5 Ways to be a gracious overnight guest

We have been fortunate to have friends in many of the cities we have visited throughout the world. Staying with friends makes any trip more meaningful. Tomorrow I’ll talk about ways to pamper overnight guests, but, for today, here are a few reminders on how you can be a gracious houseguest.

1. Coordinate with your hosts on arrival and departure times and then stick to those dates.

When you stick with your arrival and departure times, your hosts can make other plans around you much more easily.

2. Depending on your relationship with your hosts, consider bringing or sending a small gift and note after your visit.

Your gift doesn’t need to be extravagant, just thoughtful. Small potted plants, treats from your hometown, baked goods, a photo from your visit in a picture frame or scrapbook, pretty notepaper, a candle or special hand soap or lotion are all good ideas.

3. Try to find a way to be a help during your stay.

Your hosts are probably doing a lot for you already. See if you can give them a break and treat them.

Offer to prepare a meal or take your hosts out to dinner. Help with cleanup after meals and/ or ask how else you can help throughout your stay, whether that be picking up something from the store, babysitting or something else. Try to ask your host how you can help before jumping in.

4. Contain your stuff.

Try to keep your belongings in a contained spot rather than strung all over the house. You don’t want your hosts to feel as though they need to clean up after you.

5. Spend time with your hosts.

Be sure save time to visit and connect with your hosts while you are there.

Coordinate your sightseeing and excursions so you can still connect with them, too.

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