9 Tips for a great hotel stay with kids

1. Check the clock’s time in your room when you first arrive and also check to see if the alarm clock has been set. (Unless you like an early alarm that you weren’t expecting…)
2. Use the top door lock at bedtime to prevent accidental nighttime exploration. (You don’t want your child to assume he’s opening the bathroom door and then get locked in the hall.)
3. Bring a nightlight or battery operated tealight to leave on at night and indicate where the bathroom is.
4. Hang the do not disturb sign before you go to to bed to discourage early morning visits from housekeeping.
5.When booking, consider booking concierge level or selecting a hotel that offers afternoon/ evening snacks.  Embassy Suites and Drury Inns often offer generous hot snacks in the evenings. Concierge level rooms at Sheraton, Ritz Carlton and many Disney hotels include hot snacks, hot breakfasts, cocktails and a designated lounge area included in the price. There are other hotels not listed that also offer these perks.
6. If there is a pool, pack bathing suits... just in case.
7. Keep minibar temptations and tummy rumbles at bay. Bring or buy snacks at a store near the hotel to keep in the room. I almost always buy a case of water or request a pitcher of water and glasses every night.
8. Take full advantage of the black out curtains… You might be surprised how late your kids sleep in the dark!
9. Use the hallway. Sometimes small children need to be in a separate room to go to sleep. If that is the case, put the kids to sleep, be sure you have a room key and slip out into the hallway where you and your spouse (or older kids) can continue to visit after an earlier bedtime.
I also use the hotel hallway in the mornings before my kids rise for my devotional time. When I do that, I slip the safety lock between the door and frame so they know where to find me and I can hear them if they stir.

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