A few changes around VineSleuth…

by Amy Gross, the VineSleuth

Hello wine-loving internet friends!

I’ve got some exciting news for you about a new wine blog for casual wine drinkers which launches TODAY.

Behind the scenes, the VineSleuth team has been recruiting new writers, developing new editorial calendars and building a wine blog to serve as a companion to Wine4.Me, the smartphone app we have been developing with an amazing team of wine professionals, sensory scientists and data scientists for the past several years.The app isn’t ready for you yet, but the new blog is.

So what’s this new blog all about?



The Wine4.Me blog will feature the easy-to-prepare recipes and wine pairings you have come to love here on VineSleuthUncorked, as well as:

  • entertaining ideas
  • wine travel tips for regular people on real world budgets  (including airport wine bar reviews and affordable hotel options)
  • fascinating profiles of people in the wine industry
  • cool stories about wineries in the Wine4.Me app database
  • and a little bit of wine education mixed in for good measure.

We’ve lined up a great team of writers for the Wine4.Me blog that I have no doubt you’ll enjoy.

 What does that mean for VineSleuth Uncorked?

Some of those writers are coming from this site, so VineSleuth Uncorked will shift to be more of my personal thoughts and experiences in the wine realm, instead of a collection of voices. I’ll also share app updates and behind-the-scenes looks at what I’m experiencing as a tech start up founder and CEO in the wine world. (I have a learned a LOT and still have a tons more ahead, I am sure!) The post frequency will be less, though, as I work to grow Wine4.Me.

Wondering what Wine4.Me is?

Even though the the app  isn’t ready for launch just yet,  you can get a sneak peak over at Wine4.Me and also see a video of me talking about it there.

(Go take a look if you want. I’ll wait.)

Everyone back? Good.

I’m sharing all of this with you to give you a chance to be one of the  first to pop over, check out the Wine4.Me blog, and subscribe to it now so you won’t miss a post once we get all those new stories and writers rolling in the coming weeks.

I think you’ll dig it. I haven’t found anything else like it– Wine4.Me is truly dedicated to empowering the casual wine drinker. The Wine4.Me blog  is gonna do just that, too.

Here’s to new adventures! Cheers, friends!

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