Wow! Can you believe today starts week 5 of #B90Days?


So are you hooked yet?

Today marks the first day of our fifth week in reading the Bible in 90 days together.

As I admitted here before, this has been a tougher reading session for me. With lots of prayer and lots of reading, I am finally right where I need to be. But it wasn’t easy to get here. :)

In reading the comments, my emails, tweets and such I have learned that this has been a challenge for many of you, too. This is not an easy task– but it is most definitely a worthwhile one. And it is one you CAN do with the Holy Spirit right beside you.

Old Testament reading is especially tough. There is so much hatred, killing, hurt and pain and things that sill don;t make sense to me as I read it in my post New Testament world. Reading much of it puzzles me. As I read those things I do my nest to read His word, think about it and ask God to guide me through.

I don’t believe that all His words are there for me to understand. I do believe that they are all there for me to read, though. He’ll reveal what I need to understand when the time is right.

But that’s me.

So, as we launch into week 5, I’d like to know how YOU deal with passages which puzzle you. Do you investigate? Do you try to understand it all? Do you just read and keep rolling? Do you approach these things in another way.

Let us know in the comments… and also let us know how you are doing. I pray that you are hanging in there no matter where you are in the reading.

Week 5 Bible in 90 Days resources to help you read:

You are Here in the Bible for Week 5:

Bible in 90-Days reading schedule bookmark

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  1. Whispered Abundance says

    Still with ya! I am on track despite many obstacles that seem to try and steal away my Bible reading time. I agree that the Old Testament is a hard read. This B90 session, I am taking notes because I purposely want to go back and investigate more of the areas that I have questioned. I am also enjoying my Bible maps and actually trying to follow along in location, too. A new perspective, but a little bit of a visual to help with the understanding.

  2. IandT'smom says

    I think that I previously stated how far behind I was (I didn’t provide exactly how far behind, but I alluded to being far behind, LOL), anyway I had hopes of catching up; HOWEVER… (in walks the excuses), I just allowed life to get in the way. I actually had a game plan of reading 1 week a day until I got caught up and it just didn’t happen. Well, I did read 1 week in a day and it literally took up the entire day so, that was something that was feasible to do for the next 5 days. BUT….I’m not going to give up though, I’m just going to keep chugging along until I get finish. My new game plan is to read at the designated day of the group and then a day from which I’m behind, I have a flowchart and everything, I’m kinda an A type of personality at times especially when it comes to reading and documenting information. I know in the beginning that Amy that you stated to READ, READ, READ but I DIDN’T,… I wanted to have my graphs and visual charts (that I created myself) to make the information more visual and allow for as much retention for myself as possible, HENCE, the reason why I fell behind. If I can’t remember who ‘begot’ who and who is related to who then I won’t retain the content. Well enough, rambling. For today, I will be reading day 32 (to remain current with the group) and day 13; yes, I’m that far behind.!!! YIKES!!! I have the bible in 90 days on my iPad as well as my phone, so if I’m waiting in the doctors office, or a commercial comes on, or I’m the passenger in the car going somewhere, or waiting at the car wash, I will be reading, every free moment I will be reading; of course without taking time away from my family…. :)

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