Another beach attempt

Day 4 (Tuesday)

As I type this, I am lounging in my bathing suit on a massive couch by the swimming pool. Euro-sounding Mexican music is playing on the speakers, waves are crashing below me at the beach and some of the locals are setting up a marketplace for all the Club Med tourists who will want some Mexican souvenirs without even leaving the compound. Wow, we sure are allowed to be lazy here.

Not too long ago I finished reading a novel I started reading yesterday afternoon. Life here is certainly not hard. I’m deciding on writing a review of the novel, by the way. If I do, you might know about it before you learn I’m on vacation. I’m waiting to post all my vacation-oriented observations until we return home. But if I write the review, I could just publish it right away. Hmm. See, these are the tough decisions I am making this week.

Later that afternoon…

My daughter is not a beach girl. The waves terrify her.

I’m in this beautiful paradise of gently crashing waves, brilliant sunshine and silky sand-which she wants nothing to do with. I’ve tried to take her to the beach twice. No go.

The second time (which was today) I tried to just sit with her and play in the sand. I brought buckets and shovels and sifters and enthusiastic brothers. No way. She knew those waves weren’t too far. I guess they weren’t far enough.

So, while she was clinging to me with every ounce of strength she had, I summoned the boys who wanted to know why they couldn’t go deeper into the ocean, by the way, and made the unpopular decision to move to the pool.

The boys complained. Natalie was near crying. And, as we walked by an outdoor yoga class, I almost felt like crying myself.

But off to the pool we went and it didn’t take long for all 3 kiddos to splash around, have fun and be reunited with friends. Then, once presented with vacation drinks (smoothies) I was a hero again. Until it was time to go…

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