Official Bible in 90 Days Sign-up: July 2011 Session

Bible in 90 Days on MomsToolbox

Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible?

Now is your chance to do it and get encouragement all along the way.

You are invited to join hundreds of other readers in the MomsToolbox community as we make our way through the entire Bible, cover to cover, just like a novel, in just 90 days. The reading begins July 11, and ends October 8.

Yes, you CAN do this. I’m going to be honest with you, though:  It’s not easy, but it is simple.

If you want to read with the MomsToolbox community, here is what you need to do:

Follow this link to the official Bible in 90 Days signup and fill out all of the information. (It’s better if you submit the information using a computer rather than a mobile phone. Often Google docs won’t submit from a phone.)

You will then be placed in an accountability group. The first 900 to sign up will also be assigned a mentor for encouragement through the 90 days.

Download the Bible in 90 Days reading schedule here, print a copy and stick it in your Bible to keep you on track. Each day of the program, I will also post the next day’s reading assignment each evening on MomsToolbox.

Make plans to read for about an hour to an hour and a half each day from July 11, through October 8. Start praying about how you can clear that time from your schedule each day.

I highly recommend you buy the official Bible in 90 Days Bible. It is an NIV without a lot of footnotes to distract you. The type is large, yet the Bible is small and unassuming-looking. Plus, the pages have start and end markers for each day. (This is not an affiliate link. I will not profit in any way if you purchase this Bible.)

To stay in the program, you must check in every Monday on MomsToolbox  by leaving a comment as to your reading status on your group’s check in page. (You can find the link to check in every Monday on MomsToolbox.) You do not have to be up to date every week, but you do have to leave a comment as to where you are in the reading.

Additionally, you may choose to communicate with other Bible in 90 Days readers on Twitter using the #B90Days hashtag. Many readers tweet their progress and encouragement there. Every Monday night of the program, beginning July 11, B90Days readers will meet on Twitter between 8-9 CST for our weekly Twitter party Bible study. We’ll compare notes from the reading and encourage each other there, too.

Want to know more? Click to read more information about the Bible in 90 Days program on MomsToolbox. Also, keep reading MomsToolbox in the days leading up to the challenge. I’ll share stories of others who have read the Bible in 90 Days and they will share their tips for success.

Who can benefit from this program?

The MomsToolbox version of Bible in 90 Days is based, with permission, on the highly successful program outlined by the Bible in 90 Days Ministry.

The Bible in 90 Days program is designed for anyone who wants to read the entire Bible.

It is not a study of the Bible, instead it is a read through. You will not become a Biblical expert after the 90 days are up, but if you stick with the schedule, you will definitely hear God speaking to you and you will have read the entire Bible.

This program is for anyone who is interested in reading the entire Bible, whether you have been studying the Bible for years or have never read a page. It is for those who have been churched regularly, churched sometimes and those who have never been to church.

If you want to read the entire Bible, now is your chance to really do it. What’s holding you back? Take the plunge and read with us. Stick with it and you won’t regret it.  Sign up for the July session of Bible in 90 Days here.

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  1. Rhea says

    Is there another group starting soon. Orr is there a way to read others blogs if you’re doing it out of sync with a group? Thanks!

  2. Mrs Pinkkihelmi says

    I’m a little bit technically challenged, because I didn’t find your email address.
    I finished reading today.
    Mrs Päivi Tuikka (Pinkkihelmi) group 5
    Finland, Europe

  3. Felicity Philander says

    Hi I’ve only heard about the group reading recently and am looking forward to participate in the group.

  4. Jeanette Wentzel says

    Hi, Everyone. I,m still a wee bit behind , but am catching up fast. Still enjoying the reading immensely. I’m so glad I signed up.

  5. says

    I would like to start this too, but should I wait so we can have a group start together? Seems like this is fairly popular :) and it puts a pull into my smile. I want to do this :) Hope you can help me into a group that maybe has just started too.

  6. says

    I’m up to Deut. Chapter 4 today – may be a bit behind but will catch up tonight. My son found me a free app for my iPhone that will make reading a snap from now on – using the NIV version and the font on my phone is bigger than the paper version I was using! So much easier on the eyes and I can copy, take notes, Email. tweet, share verses so much easier!

  7. says

    I’m sorry about missing the Monday post. We were on vacation all of last week and you know how the first day back at work can be. I’m pretty much up-to-date with the readings and joting down ‘flashing insights’ as I come across them to discuss with someone later. I even found a typo in my Bible!

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