Conversation Starters for Families

My friend Jen has developed a list of conversation starters for family dinners that you can print off, cut and slide into a jar and pull out one by one to answer as a family at dinnertime. Many of her questions are light, but they can bring about much deeper conversation and lots of laughs.

Click over to print out the cards for your own family and drop another copy in a jar and give as a gift to another family. They are absolutely free, so print all you’d like and watch your family dinner time grow.

Does your family share dinnertime every night? More than 3 times a week? Less than 3 times a week? What types of things do you share at dinner?

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  1. Lisa May says

    Most weeks we eat together all 7 days. We start with a Dr. Devo devotion (or currently one for Advent). Next, we discuss our day.

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