Graham Cracker Mangers


Last year I was looking for something fun for my son’s first grade class to do during their Christmas party. I wanted to stay in budget and along the lines of something Christian Christmas-y not Santa Christmas-y.

I loved the idea of gingerbread house decorating, but that was both costly and, although cute, I  knew there had to be something crafty we could do that might be a little closer to the Christmas story.

I started to think about graham crackers, made some frosting, and a new project was born with some help.

Another mom and I talked a bit abut the project today, so I thought I would post the pictures and a quick how-to in case anyone else might be where I was a year ago… looking for a fun class project,  or a fun project for home.

The craft really was simple.

A few moms assembled graham cracker mangers a few nights ahead of the party and the kids went to town with frosting and candy, decorating their own mangers, complete with shredded wheat hay. I could have gone with smaller marshmallows for baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but I don’t think the kids minded at all.

To begin, I asked parents to bring in shoe boxes for safe transport. I covered the lids in foil.

Next I spread frosting down one side of a graham cracker piece and ‘adhered’ it to the foil.


Then we broke a graham cracker sheet in half and adhered each side, and then added another full sheet on top, a bit back, for the roof.


Working as a team, it wasn’t long before we had a whole village of mangers.


We covered each manger with a shoebox for transport…


and included a container of frosting and a ‘brick’ of shredded wheat for each child.


We gave each child an empty bowl and sent them to a table covered with lots of candy options (red hots, M&Ms, Hot Tamales, Smarties, marshmallows, toothpicks and the like) then gave them a knife for spreading the frosting and let them go crazy decorating (and snacking).

The mangers were adorable and the project gave them some sweet treats and something fun to do for the party.  And then the families all got rather, um, unique holiday centerpieces, as well.

I think this one is showing a very strong Joseph…


Graham crackers, frosting, candy and keeping Christ in Christmas… It Works for ME!

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