Hola from Ixtapa!

By the pool at Club Med in Ixtapa

By the pool at Club Med in Ixtapa

I’ve just returned from a week away in Ixtapa, Mexico with my family.

(Perhaps this explains why some of my SOAP entries didn’t make it up in a timely manner this week? I lost any internet capabilities mid-week!)

Anyhow, while away, I had a little more time to write than normal. And, although you weren’t physically there, my dear readers, you weren’t far from my thoughts or fingertips. I tried to write a little each day. If you’re up for a vicarious vacation, check in each day this week as I report on this day last week…

Day 1 (Saturday-Arrival)

It is so blazing hot. Add that to three tired kids whose flight was delayed after already boarding the plane and two weary parents and you get a cranky bunch. Where we are is probably spectacular and beautiful… but I couldn’t appreciate the orange sunset on the Pacific Ocean because my daughter was being sassy, one of the guys was just being irritable and all I could think about was how I wished we could prance in the sand, dance in the surf and enjoy the silky white beach. But I knew I would just get irritated with something.  I am in paradise and I’m a cranky crank. This must end.

I took our youngest back the room to put her to bed and called maintenance. Our room is stuffy and hot. Ick.  It might be getting cooler now, but not that cool. I wonder if the rooms just lack good insulation and I should expect hot days and cool nights. Hmmm.

I do know that after a good night’s sleep I’ll have a sunnier outlook. I will say that the food offered at the dinner buffet tonight all looked fantastic. I just nibbled on a crisp salad, sushi, an assortment of Mexican cheeses, a very fresh tortilla and mozzarella and tomatoes.  (I know, quite the international mix.) There were tons more delicious options… pasta and sauces, risotto, pizza, ceviche, quesadillas, baked chicken and ribs…  and that doesn’t even touch on the dessert table I sidestepped.

My husband brought me some amazing cheese bread. (Club Med has a way with their bread. I’m trying to hold out on the chocolate bread as long as possible. That stuff is deadly delicious!)

There was just a knock at the door. I thought it might be maintenance to solve my a/c dilemma. It was just someone asking if I needed more towels. Darn. And all those thoughts about chocolate bread made me grab some Junior Mints while I was up from typing. I should have just had the chocolate bread!

Oh well. Tomorrow I will begin to really soak in this Pacific paradise.

Post note: Not long after finishing this my a/c hero arrived and brought cool air. Yipeee!

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