Indiana Jones birthday party!

The Indiana Jones birthday party was a huge, hilarious hit!

About a month ago, we were trying to figure out what to do for my son’s 7th birthday. Quite a few ideas were thrown around until we came across this. Then we knew what had to be done.

Indiana Jones and a fellow blogger to the rescue!

I recruited Uncle Steve for the mission and copied and pasted the cover from the other blogger’s invitations to use as my own. I used lots of her ideas, making a few tweaks, and everyone had a blast.

As the kids arrived, I ushered them upstairs to our gameroom to play. Soon after, I made my way upstairs and blared the Indiana Jones theme song (downloaded from itunes) Indiana Jones made his entrance, announcing to all that he needed the kids help to celebrate a special birthday and find stolen treasure.


A clue was found in his hat which directed all the kids to find a partner and head to the Mummy Gallery. (I copied and pasted the clues from the other blog. Thank you my friend whom I have never met. You rock!)

The kids made their way downstairs and into a room where I had a placed a laundry basket filled with rolls of toilet paper.

(I bought the toilet paper at the dollar store and shoved the printed clues into the rolls by the cardboard roll.)

The kids loved making mummies and wrapping their friends up in toilet paper.




Once everyone had wrapped enough, Indiana Jones read the clue, which took them outside to the snake pit. (The snakes were from the dollar store which I encouraged everyone to take home with them.)


The kids played a bit and found the next clue, which led them to the “buffet” of monkey brains (spaghetti with vanilla pudding) elephant eyeballs (bouncy balls with vanilla pudding) and snake blood (jello to eat in little plastic containers).


Initially we were just going to have the brains and eyeballs. But the day before the party  my son asked about having everyone drink blood. I found a packet of red jello in the pantry. And the plastic cups had been in there for years. So I made the blood.


The next clue, which had been nestled in the ‘food,” led them to the airplane hangar (our living room), where I had hidden an old trunk under our coffee table.

It didn’t take long for these adventurers to find the treasure.

Inside I had placed all the goody bags (organza satchels from the wedding aisle at Michael’s filled with dollar store flashlight keychains, silly putty, and a bit of candy) covered by treasures (bouncy balls, beaded necklaces and more candy).

Indiana Jones' treasure



While the guests enjoyed their treasures, our son opened his new treasures (birthday gifts) with Dad.

After that, we headed over to the dining room for the cake.

Indiana Jones birthday cake

I loved making this cake.

In the past I had ordered birthday cakes from a fantastic bakery… But I think the tide is turning. (You can read about what’s inside here.)

My son really got into it and suggested the dirt on the top. He even suggested I use crushed graham crackers and cookies to do it!

After the cake I set out some snacks and the kids played awhile.

We invited everyone to stay for fajitas, so my husband and I moved into dinner prep mode. He grilled lots of chicken and tortillas, and I set out all the accompaniments.

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon. I know our birthday boy felt cherished and had a great time… and everyone else seemed to have a blast, too.

Mission accomplished!

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  1. Somebody's Mimi says

    FUN, FUN, FUN!!! This sounds like the best one so far! I did a trunk on my front porch for Halloween last year. I bought “stuff” on sale at Oriental Trading Company and put it in the trunk, then let the kids get their own treat. It was a huge success and much cheaper (and healthier) than candy. Your trunk treats were much more elaborate than mine… with the fancy bags and all. Great party! Oh and I absolutley LOVED the cake! Did your Smiling Bull make the lego decorations??? Very creative.

  2. says

    Oh, my gosh, that is FABULOUS. Great job Mom!

    Although I am a little shocked and appalled that you served jello shots to a bunch of first graders.

    Parents these days, sheesh….


  3. says

    My first though upon viewing the cake was, “That is the most fantastic and creative homemade birthday cake I’ve ever seen!” Well done! The party looked like it will be remembered for years! I loved the toilet paper mummies!


  4. says

    Looks like you had a ton of fun! I’m so glad you were able to use the ideas on my blog. Looks like you had lots of kids, too! Birthday wishes to your little one. Now, after all that hard work…go have a sippycup of chardonnay! ;)


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