Lost or delayed luggage?

Ask for a toiletry kit.

I’ve traveled enough to know that luggage sometimes gets delayed.

The last time I flew, I’m thankful I also knew to ask for a toiletry kit from the airline.

On my last journey, I waited through two delayed flights and a very cranky flight crew. As if that wasn’t enough, once I finally reached my destination, my bag did not. It was 10 p.m. and the airline indicated it would be at least 12 hours before it could be considered that I would see my bags again. And I needed to at least brush my teeth.

Unfortunately their luggage team member did not offer a toiletry kit. When I went back and asked, however, she gave me one.

Lesson learned: ASK for something if you want it. Airlines typically have toiletry kits. They may not always offer, but you’ll definitely have to stop at the store if you don’t just ask.

Sure, the kit was basic, but it was a start. And it was free.

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