Max’s Wine Dive in Houston, Texas

This was just one of the signs that greeted me as I went to meet with Jacob Fairchild, the director of wine sales for  Max’s Wine Dive in Houston.

“Merlot is the new Merlot,” said another one.

Obviously I was in for a treat. But I knew that already.

About two weeks prior to the interview I was out on a hot date with my husband and we stopped by Max’s Wine Dive for a glass of wine on our way to dinner at another restaurant.

The bartender was friendly and didn’t flinch when my husband asked for a taste of two wines before deciding on one. (I was focused on the bubbles I  knew I wanted. No need to taste.)

We hadn’t intended to eat at all, but the menu was absolutely tempting and I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to taste drunken bread pudding anywhere else, so I went for it and swore I would just have a bite. Or two.  When it came, I remained determined not to eat too much and stuck to my guns…  after the third or fourth bite.

Max’s decor is diner dive casual, a bit of funky mixed in with classic. They have one large booth, lots of tables and chairs and a great bar. I think that the bar is really where all of the action is. (Jacob agreed with me on this, by the way.)

One of the bonuses of sitting at the bar is that you get to really see what is going on, what is being poured (including wine on tap!) and you get to meet not only the bartenders, but also fellow diners.

I noticed a couple eying my bread pudding and let them think I was doing them a favor by passing my dish on to them after scooping a few bites onto my plate, but really it was all I could do to keep myself from eating the whole dish myself!

Anyhow, we had a great start to our night and I sent a tweet of thanks to Max’s Wine Dive and off we went to dinner.

Then I noticed that the tweet had been responded to right away. So of course I was impressed with the social media team at Max’s and tweeted back a request to chat with someone about wine and, alas, my meeting with Jacob was born.

So what did Jacob and I talk about?

Soil, band parents, travels to Chile, sending home the magic, and wine world domination. But we’ll have to get to that tomorrow. I’ve already shared enough for today…

One more sign to leave you with:

I guess tweeting on a Friday night wasn’t work.

Max’s Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave. at Shepherd in Houston

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  1. PamelaS. says

    You’ve re-opened my eyes to Max’s. I’ll give it another try. (And sit at the bar.) Especially since I can walk from home!


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