Meet Tammy, our next Real (Experienced) Mom

Not only is Tammy a Real (Experienced) Mom and grandma, she is also up to date with her Bible in 90 Days reading! So I have congratulations for her sweet, very new grandson Baby Will in the picture below, and for her spending so much time in the Word with us. Her check in comments are always a ray of sunshine.

And, as you will see, she is definitely keeping it real with her son’s birthday dinner meal request. Read on and enjoy…

Real (Experienced) Mom interview with Tammy


What are the approximate ages of your children now?

Son-Matt, 19, Daughter-Jamie, 27, Stepdaughter Kasey-29

Do you have grandchildren?

Caroline-22 months and Will- 4 days

What are some of the qualities that you admire in your children?

Faith, compassion, humor, friendly

How much of their personality now was a part of them as children?

A lot.  They  all made friends easily and took up for others.  They were very close to each other and are still today.

Before your children were of traditional school age, were you a stay at home mom or were you employed outside the home? At the time, how did you feel about that decision? How do you feel about it now?

I stayed home when they were small and worked part time as they got older.  I went back to work full time a couple of years ago when my husband’s health required him to go on disability.  I loved being at home with them and never regretted it.  My daughter is now staying at home with her children, so I’m sure I made the right decision for us.  I do think whatever decision you make has its challenges and I think moms should try to be supportive of each other and their circumstances.

Tell me about a difficult decision you remember making as a mom concerning one of your children. If you could do it over, would you make the same choice?

When our son was in elementary school we decided to leave the church he was born in and go to another church.  He was really upset about it but it was definitely the right decision for our family.

Tell me about something you feel you did ‘right’ as a mom.

Faith in God was something we tried to instill in our children.  My husband had a major health emergency and was not expected to survive through the surgery.  Throughout the 13 hours operation and 50 days in the hospital our children had strength and faith that at times I did not have.  They kept us both going with their prayers, help, and behavior.  Our lives have changed a lot but they have kept such a positive outlook and faith in God and it has been a blessing for my husband and I to share.

What were some of your family’s favorite meals that you served? Would you mind sharing any of those recipes?

Homemade pizza, roast beef with potatoes and carrots, chili, BBQ pork, lasagna.

Are there any particular foods that your grown children now ask for at family gatherings? Would you mind sharing those recipes and any story behind the dish?

Shamefully, my son always ask for Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper on his birthday because that is his favorite food :)

Did you establish or follow any family traditions with your children that you especially cherished… then or now? Tell me about a few of your favorites.

We always go cut our tree down the day after Thanksgiving.  We go to the movies Thanksgiving after dinner.  We go to the same beach every summer for vacation.  Now that they are older my son and daughter and her family have family dinner on Monday nights at our house.

How did you celebrate birthdays with your children?

When they were growing up we always had a party for family and friends.  Now they can choose to go out to dinner or I fix them the meal of their choice.

What were some of your family’s favorite things to do together when you had preschoolers? Elementary-school age children? High schoolers? Now?

They loved going to the beach (so much that my stepdaughter moved there to live), they played rec. sports so we spent lots of time at ballgames, we did lots of things with our families, we were very involved at church.  We went to high school football games on Friday nights and my husband and I work with the youth in our church so we were around them and their friends quite a bit.  Our daughter and her husband now work with us in youth ministry.

What memories of their youth do you think your children recall most fondly now?

Probably vacations at the beach.  We still all go together.  I think any time we were doing those “fun” thing we tried to make great memories for us all.

Is there anything about your parenting that you are especially proud of? What is it?

We tried to lead by living a life that put others before themselves.  We tried to be the same at home that we were at church or anywhere else.  We did not let them be mean to each other and we now have three adult children who are close to each other and all work with others in some capacity.

Is there anything about your parenting that you now regret? Do you mind sharing that with us?

I am a worrier and although I tried to not let them see that I know the girls have the same tendencies.  I wish I had been a little more laid back.

When your children were very young, did you have any hobbies you enjoyed just for yourself? If so, what were they?

I love reading and grabbed a book any chance I got.

If you could give newer moms three pieces of advice, what would they be?

  • Time flies so enjoy the time you have.  Take time for fun.  It can be so stressful when they are small but you will look back on those days as the most precious times of your life.
  • Be involved in their spiritual development.  Don’t leave it for the Sunday school teacher and pastors to do it all – teach them at home also.
  • Talk to them and listen to them.  Know what matters to them.  Be interested in their life especially as they get older.

Is there a question I haven’t asked that you would like to answer?

Motherhood is the greatest blessing, hardest job, and most important thing you will ever have the privilege to do.  One of my favorite quotes is from Jackie Kennedy, “it doesn’t matter what else I do in life if I fail as a mother.”   Pray a lot for the wisdom to be the mom God wants you to be!

Thank you, Tammy for offering to share your experiences as a Real (Experienced) Mom. I truly appreciate it, as I know others do, too. And keep reading that Bible of yours with us! :)

If you, or a mom you know, has at least one child 20 years or older and out of the house and would like to share your stories, please drop me a note and let me know. I’m always looking for new Real (Experienced) Moms to feature.

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