Praying for a baby sister

Praying for a baby sister

When my oldest was 4 years old, he told me he wanted to be a big brother again.

“You do,” I said. “Hmmm. Why don’t you pray about it?”

I thought I was being clever because what I knew, and he didn’t know, was that I was pregnant. I had only known for a day or two. I thought it would be really cool to have him pray for something and then have an answered prayer right away when my husband and I decided to share the news.

“Dear God,” he said. “Please bring me a baby sister.”

I had not anticipated that he would have such a specific request.  Uh-oh. I began to worry about what would happen if our son got another baby brother. Would he be disappointed in God?

When the time came, our son’s prayer was answered in just the way he had hoped: with a sweet little baby sister.

Our house became a sea of pink and our oldest was delighted to have the baby sister he had prayed and asked God to bring.

Since then I have laughed at myself many times.

How silly of me to try to orchestrate something for God. And how silly of me to worry as to what would happen when God didn’t “come through.”

This is the God who created the universe and who knows about every single hair on my head… and on the heads of each of my children.

He doesn’t need me to set things up for Him. He has it all under control.

Instead, I need only to pray as my son did… without worry of what anyone will think or even the odds. Just pray with an open, loving and confident heart… and then accept the answer, even if it isn’t the baby sister, or whatever it is I think I need.

Are you able to pray without abandon and in full faith of His answer?

Have your children ever showed this to you, too?

This post is the third in the Faith of Our Children series hosted by Connie of Smockity Frocks.

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  1. Julie says

    When I read the title I had to come read this.
    I was the child that prayed for a baby brother when I was about 8. (More than 25 years ago) I remember well those prayers that I told no one about. When mom told my sister and I she was pregnant, I just knew it was a boy.
    Months later, Paul was still born. I remember vividly dad sitting between my sister and I telling us Paul was in heaven. My first thought was, “God answered my prayer.”
    A little more than 2 years later Seth was born but I will always remember Paul as the brother I prayed for and look forward to meeting him in heaven someday.

  2. Cheled77 says

    When I saw the title of this post on another blog, I knew I had to come read it! My 4 year old has been praying for a baby sister for almost 10 months now. (And having his whole Sunday school class praying too….which I found out from the teacher after I got pregnant!) I’m 19 weeks pregnant and we’re going to have an ultrasound soon to find out the sex. I’ve been apprehensive myself because I want his little faith to explode with God answering his prayers, not for him to be disappointed. So I’m continuing to hold my breath until we find out! And remembering to have his same child-like faith!!!

  3. says

    Aw what a great story! I’ve been doing a lot of praying lately for another baby. My daughter is two and we’ve been trying since April. It’s hard to be in the midst of a season where you want something so bad and you just have to learn to be patient.

  4. Rosann says

    What a great post and how precious that your son would pray for a baby sister. :) I love watching my children pray and hearing the sometimes funny things they pray for. Of course, I used to find myself following up in prayer to make sure God understood what they were asking for…since sometimes they get all mixed up in their words trying to speak what’s on their hearts. And it’s silly really…because I know God doesn’t need me to translate 2yr old language to Him. I just really wanted Him to answer their little requests so they could feel the power of prayer. Now, I just remind myself – God knows their hearts. Trust Him.


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