The Web Uncorked – Saving money & saving lives with wine

It’s all about saving money and saving lives this week….

Lower wine prices may lead  fewer traffic fatalities, reports the Washington Post.

Good news: Wine is projected to be one of the 12 things that will be less expensive in 2012. Click over to see why and what else you can save on this year.

So where can you learn more about inexpensive wines? Here’s a post listing 3 sites reviewing cheap wines.

And, on that note…

If you are looking for inexpensive wines paired with easy to prepare, inexpensive meals, VineSleuth will be debuting Dinner and Wine for $20 or Less, an ebook featuring 19 delicious recipes paired with 94 affordable well-matched wines (and even a beer or two) in time to plan your perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home… or a date night any night. Stay tuned!




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