The call of the island

*** This all actually took place one week ago. I decided to wait until I returned home before posting this sereies***

Day 5 (Wednesday)

I skipped Yogalates yesterday but returned today. Ouch. My abs were tired. The kids slept in, though, so I joined them and my husband for breakfast after the class. After that the kids went to their classes and I made my way back to the beach.

After lounging awhile and writing in my journal, my husband appeared and invited me to go with him to Ixtapa Island. We left Club Med and took a taxi to the water taxi for the island.


On the island we were approached by plenty of helpful “guides,” assuring us their food, beach and margaritas were the best. We tried our best to brush them off and settled on a restaurant on our own.

We enjoyed watching other families laughing and playing, and another little girl wailing and trying to get out of the ocean. Her parents tried to reassure her that the ocean was fun. (At least I think they did. They spoke Spanish. I don’t.) Hmmm. Guess my little one isn’t the only one.

Anyhow, after fresh open-air-stone-oven-baked lobster, shrimp, the best corn tortillas I have ever tasted and a pina colada in a silly pineapple, it was time to pay the bill and get in line for the water taxi. Except we got to take the express boat right to Club Med… That’s what happens when your credit card is not accepted. Oops. (At least it wasn’t the express boat to jail!!)




Here’s what happened: We went to pay our ticket and were told they did not accept American Express. Before ordering, my husband noticed a sign that they did accept all credit and debit cards so he assumed we would be okay. We ordered more than the cash he was carrying could cover. And I hadn’t planned on leaving the resort, so I didn’t bring any money.

When the waiter came back with the card we weren’t sure of what to do. I thought I might be left for collateral, but the restaurant owner offered to shuttle us back to the resort and our wallet. So, we got a private boat ride out of the deal, tipped the restaurant and boat driver well and had quite an embarrassed laugh.

Tonight’s evening entertainment is the kids hip hop show. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to!

Wooo-Hoooo! Major breakthrough: Pink Papoose enjoyed the beach this afternoon!!!!

Her little “class” was going to the beach at the end of their afternoon, as were all the kids club groups. My husband and I decided to meet them there and see if the group sandcastle-building think might work. And it did!

At first she was apprehensive, but then she began scooping sand and covering her toes like a pro! Yippeee! She and the beach might be friends yet. (And she loves sunscreen, so I think we’re covered.)


It wasn’t long before the boys’ groups arrived. One opted to play in his group, the other ventured into the ocean with dad. It was a fantastic afternoon with lots of messy sand.

Now I’m in the theatre saving prime front and center seats for my husband, daughter and myself for the kids’ hip-hop show. I can’t wait to see the crazy costumes and dances.

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  1. Somebody's Mimi says

    Pink Papoose makes me giggle! What a cute outfit! And your photo’s are so crisp and colorful… they could be on a postcard!

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